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  • The Globe is wrong.

    Let’s be fair. When she arrived, Michelle Terry said as the Artistic Director of The Globe that she would not be directing. She was always going to be, ironically, an acting Artistic Director. Some of us therefore thought the title was odd. But then she began. There were productions which were the first at the […]

  • Images from the Fringe 2023

    2023 photographs – More Galleries Show Pictures Clearing the Backlog I can’t really believe how quickly the last couple of weeks have gone by as I sit at my computer updating picture galleries, reviewing and sorting photographs to upload. As you may suspect I’m drawn to visually interesting shows and I feel lucky to have […]

  • Free Workshops from FringeReview at the Edinburgh Fringe

    Free Events for Fringe Performers Use the form below to book   Workshop 1 How to hit the ground running at the Edinburgh Fringe A gritty, hands-on session for ensuring you get the most out of every minute at this Fringe. What are the essentials of a successful and satisfying Fringe? What shoukd you do […]

  • San Francisco Fringe Festival September 8th to SEPT 17th 2022: Christina Augello Founder and Artistic Director of EXIT Theatre and the SF Fringe talks with Jo Tomalin about her Interest in Indie Theatre, Fringe Festivals, what they offer performers and audiences – and producing the uncurated SF Fringe.

    Christina Augello’s Bio from The EXIT Theatre Website: Christina Augello is the founder and artistic director of EXIT Theatre and is an actress, arts activist and arts administrator. She has been involved with American theater for over 50 years, growing up in the 1950s as the daughter of the proprietor of a famous theater saloon and […]

  • The Importance of Being An Earnest Reviewer – Kind of…

    (With apologies…Kind of…) In April of this year, the Oliviers were back. After three years of not celebrating those who have got to the be seen as the best in theatre … We celebrated them publicly and without Zoom. But… There was one story that was deep in my heart. It reminded me that the […]

  • Pittsburgh Fringe 2024 Highlights

    Running from April 18th – 27th 2024, FringeReview is delighted to be reviewing at this Festival after a break of a few years. “The Pittsburgh Fringe is an all-out, no-holds-barred, inclusive multi-disciplinary performing arts festival featuring international, national and local artists. The annual  festival will be in multiple venues in Pittsburgh’s East End from Bloomfield and Friendship […]