Review: Loud Poets

Bold, loud, passionate and engaging – poetry for the masses with a wonderful energy

Article: The Power of Live Poetry: Paul Levy talks to Lloyd Robinson about Loud Poets

Paul Levy talks to Lloyd Robinson about Loud Poets as Lloyd invites those who ditched poetry at school to rediscover it again in this Brighton Fringe show at The Warren. Why does her love poetry? Where does his inspiration come from? “This is slam-style, make some noise, fist-thumping, pint-drinking,  side-tickling, heart-wrenching poetry. This is poetry […]

Article: Tasty Monster’s Tempting Tidbits

Home » FringeReview Edinburgh » Edinburgh Fringe Blogs ____________________ Welcome to the guest blog of Heather Bagnall and Luke Tudball, Co-Founding Artistic Directors of Tasty Monster Productions, who bring their latest show, Ferdinand, penned by Heather and featuring Luke, to the Fringe this year. Producers, Directors, and Mentors, they have a combined experience of Edinburgh […]