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Advertise on FringeReview at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Mid-Fringe Advertising Special Rate

With Edinburgh Fringe 2019 underway we have just ten slots remaining for an advert on FringeReview. The cost is only £50 per advert.

This is the perfect time to book an advert at our special Edfringe “until the end of your Edfringe 2019 run” rate. 

Book an advert on the good fringe guide. 

In August, traffic to our site goes nuts, up in the tens of thousands in terms of unique visitors.

Advertising on FringeReview is a cost-effective and affordable way of reaching a large audience of readers across the world.

We have over 120,000 unique visitors during the year.

We want to give your event as much exposure as possible on a publication that is respected all over the world, and is widely read during August in Edinburgh, by both audience and the industry.



The advert goes up within 24 hours of receiving your payment and image and then stays up until the end of your Edfringe 2019 run.

So, the earlier you secure your advert, the more cost effective it is.

Book an advert …

Box Adverts  are an excellent advertising option on FringeReview, as they appear on every page of our publication, and are available for  £50 (That’s our usual fee for a month. Book now and your advert will go up from within 24 hours of receiving it until the end of your Edinburgh Fringe run).

The advertisement is a picture of your choice, which can link to any page you desire (we recommend your ticket-booking page if you are buying advertising for a theatre show, but it can be whatever you like)

To purchase a Box Advert on FringeReview…

1) Use the PayPal button below to purchase a  limited special price Box Advert on FringeReview.

2) Email  your image to paul@fringereview.co.uk to confirm your ad sale, and please include your advert image.

Please include the web address you want the advert to link to.

Please ensure you advert is shaped as a square – make sure you advert is clear and without too much text. Ensure your text is readable. Here are a couple of examples…











We’ll resize it to the right size for you, as long as it is square in shape.

Make sure the text on the image is very readable! Keep it minimal, simple and clear.

It must be in JPEG format (we do not accept animated gifs). Check out the ads on this site to get an idea of good quality adverts.

Your advert  will go up within 24 hours of receiving the image and payment

We wish you success with your Fringe show.

Please note: There is no relationship between advertising with us and our review process. Our review process is entirely independent of our advertising activity. Advertising with us does not increase your chances of getting reviewed by us.

Buy your mid-Fringe advert below…