Dublin, NYC and Everything In-Between: Emma Plotkin talks to Nicola Murphy about Stop/Over

Emma Plotkin talks to Nicola Murphy, a member of On the Quays and director of Stop/Over.  Stop/Over is a show exploring the tumultuous relationship of two Irish women in New York City.  Murphy talks about the choice to use the whole third floor of the Chocolate Factory, casting choices and working with playwright Garry Duggan.

“Desire, excess, jealousy, regret, passion. Emotions and memories erupt when a young Irish couple reunite for 24 hours in New York City. Join them as they journey from café to club to gallery, through bedrooms, subway stations, dreams and hallucinations. Dublin’s Gary Duggan, in collaboration with director Nicola Murphy and New York City’s On The Quays, invites you to reinvent your past, live for the present, and – at least for tonight – forget about your future.”

Listen to our interview with Nicola Murphy about Stop/Over