Staging and Performing Story: Paul Levy talks to Joshua Crisp about Hercules


Paul Levy talks to Joshua Crisp from Bard & Troubador  about Hercules. On a very noise New Road in Brighton during Fringe City, Joshua demonstrates why he can hold both a stage and a conversation with ease. “Twelve Labours, Sixty Minutes – One Man. Somewhere between stand-up comedy and traditional oral storytelling, Bard & Troubadour’s Joshua Crisp retells this epic tale with wit and irreverence – bringing bulging biceps, hideous hydra, bareback bullfighting, a giant voiced by Tom Hardy, Amazonian romance, and a body count worthy of a Transformers movie! This action-packed hour brings Gods, monsters and the original Muscle Man to life as you have never seen them before.”

Listen to our interview with Joshua Crisp about Hercules