Andy Thomas

I started comedy at Swansea University in the early 1990s and developed it further when I moved to Brighton in 1998. After joining The New Venture Theatre and doing a number of plays I wrote and directed ‘The Therapists’ (2006) my first comedy play about two bogus therapists who discover time travel. Then I formed a double act ‘Thomas and Maloney’ which did well on the Brighton Scene. Our show ‘Kill Cats’ (2009) was very well recieved. My next project was ‘Crimes Against Humanities Teachers’ (2010) where a version of myself is haunted in my school by Kenneth Williams. After this I began to focus more on solo shows eventually creating Des Kapital in 2017. Des has had three shows ‘Nevermind the Cossacks’, ‘Mao that’s what I call mysic’ and currently ‘I’m Loving Engels instead’ which I’m taking to Edinburgh in 2019. I’m very passionate about my shows and very proud to have worked with some amazing people and companies over the years, currently with Alistair Lock and with Sweet Venues.