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Welcome to our coverage of Bedford Festival Fringe 2017.

Bedford Fringe is now over for 2017. Below is our coverage from 2017.

Bedfringe boasts some excellent theatre shows that arrived from other Fringes (such as Brighton) and are Edinburgh-bound.”

Bedford is also very easily accessible by road and train and Londoners can do a day and/or an evening there easily. So, a staging post to Edinburgh, but also a rich, varied and impressive Fringe in its own right.

The Fringe takes a different format this year with more crammed into less dates.

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I want to see …  at Bedford Festival Fringe

Our quirky-show finding tool. Just choose your preference and find your show, then get booking!

I want to see…

… an exhibition of photographs of stand-up comedians. Then see STEVE BEST: CLICKING COMEDIANS (EXHIBITION)

… some work-in-progress stand-up comedy. Then see FUNMBI OMOTAYO: WORK IN PROGRESS 

… a highly acclaimed comedian. Then see JOHN HASTINGS: AUDACITY

… a comedy star from TV and Radio. Then see SIMON MUNNERY RENEGADE PLUMBER: WORK IN PROGRESS 

…. some physical character comedy from a clown. Then see JODY KAMALI: HOTEL YES PLEASE 

… a family-friendly comedy show. Then see SESKA: FRUIT SALAD!

… a debut comedy appearance at Bedfringe. Then see JIMMY MCGHIE: WORK IN PROGRESS


… a brand new stand-up show from a famous comedian. Then see PATRICK MONAHAN: REWIND SELECTOR 90’s

… an immersive, interactive performance with virtual elements for all to enjoy. Then see WEBLIES2K17

…a solo character comedy show. that was a hit in Edinburgh. Then see NICK HALL: SPENCER

… a work in progress show from the Norwegian comic and Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer.  Then see DANIEL SIMONSEN: WORKING ON IT

… a comedy about memory and making stuff up. Then see EAMONN FLEMING: CONFABULATION!

… some free,  upbeat Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rhythm & Blues. Then see YER BLUES BONES

… a songwriter from Bedfordshire, serving up foot-tapping ditties and wistful laments. Then see SUNSINGER

… some live music from an Anglo-Polish-Sri Lankan group based in Bedford. Then see SAVA CHARM

… an award-winning comedian who investigates the power of kindness in a brand new docu-comedy. Then see JULIETTE BURTON: BUTTERFLY EFFECT

… a range of different cheerleading styles and dance. Then see STACEY CHARLES CHEERLEADERS

… some dance performance. Then see KINETIC VIBES DANCE ACADEMY

… some family-friendly theatre. Then see THE TOPSY TURVY HOTEL

… some theatre at Lunchtime. Then see WAVING GOODBYE

… Wind in the Willows. Then see WIND IN THE WILLOWS !

… a guitar and vocal trio specialising in strange old British traditional music, mainly sourced from their local Bedfordshire area. Then see MARISA JACK AND DAVY

… a film. Then see QUEEN OF KATWE

… a comedy magic show. Then see PETE FIRMAN: WORK IN PROGRESS

… a workshop that will give participants an opportunity to engage in spontaneous play in a spirit of conviviality, acceptance and joy. Then join PLAY / TIME

… some dance and physical theatre. Then see BLOSSOM & ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET?

… an indie-pop band with classic song-writer vibes and a fun outlook on life. Then see SPACE GOAT

… a stand-up comedian who writes for TV. Then see GEOFF NORCOTT: RIGHT LEANING BUT WELL MEANING

… a free band who will close Bedford Fringe Festival. Then see MAXWELL, HAMMER & SMITH


… a critically acclaimed sketch comedy duo. Then see GOODBEAR

… a poetic exploration into gender disparities in the west and beyond. Then see TKO: MANSPLAINING 

… show about self-improvement by a chap whose intellectual peak was Latin GCSE. Then see IVO GRAHAM: EDUCATED GUESS (WORK IN PROGRESS) 

We’ll be adding more as the Fringe gets closer.


Link Collage

This is a creative, intuitive and wholly visual way to find a show. Go with your intuition and choose a show from the image that draws you towards it. We’ll be adding more as the Fringe gets closer.




Keyword Chaos

Another way to find a show at Bedford Fringe. We’ve trawled the programme and our own knowledge base and selected the most intriguing phrases in programme line up. SO, choose the phrase that draws you in, click on the link and get booking. Use your intuition…

Buy a silly sports car and try to run off with a woman half his age. Adopt a retro sounding nom de plume, learn the trickier barre chords once and for all and attempt to deal with his feelings about his ever receding hairline through his guitar.

There’s going to be confetti and music and romance and resolutions and disappointment. Sure, it’s only July but frankly it’s been an awful year and its time for a reset. Watch these millenial nightmares throw the biggest, baddest, silliest party Bedford has ever seen.

Fancy a spot of adventure? Genuine danger? The possibility of endless riches and eternal fame? Then come and sign up”

A kind of self-help group where everyone potentially leaves more depressed.

Pull up a bench in the Quarry Garden and enjoy!

Oh no! Ghosts! Cobwebs! Ruined castles! Zombie dinosaurs! Skeletons! Ghouls! Wailing! Warning: May cause audience members to melt with fear.

a tornado-like approach to comedy, surreal feats and an eccentric collection of eye-popping prop tricks

watch your very own Agatha Christie-inspired masterpiece unfold on stage.”


More to come

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