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Now over for 2018. Details for 2019 coming soon. Our 2018 coverage is below.


Welcome to our coverage of Bedford Festival Fringe 2018 which is over now for 2018, Our coverage for 2018 is below.

Bedfringe boasts some excellent theatre shows that arrived from other Fringes (such as Brighton) and are Edinburgh-bound.

Bedford is also very easily accessible by road and train and Londoners can do a day and/or an evening there easily. So, a staging post to Edinburgh, but also a rich, varied and impressive Fringe in its own right.

The Fringe takes a different format this year with more crammed into less dates.

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I want to see …  at Bedford Festival Fringe

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I want to see…

… some improvised comedy. Then see The Committee: Improvised Comedy or see Murder, She Didn’t Write

… an award-winning comedian, with a brand new show. Then see Paul Revill: Revillationships

… a circumnavigation of the world in words and song. . Then see From the Waters Edge

… a play set in the near future. Then see In Addition

… a moving and affectionate performance about the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. Then see And Before I Forget I love You, I Love You

We’ll be adding more as the Fringe gets closer.

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We’ll be adding more as the Fringe gets closer.

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Use your intuition…

a world lit only by a skylight, where playtime never stops. 

One relationship. Infinite possibilities


Tom Ellwood, mid-twenties Zoologist, lover of words and innocently bird watching comes across a dishevelled, ukuleleholding runaway bride, Kitty Chen stuck in a tree. Little does he know this is about to have his life changed.


More to come

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