TABOO in scottish weather

The first performance week is over. I am quite amazed how fast time flies. I have managed to see 5 shows so far. In case someone wants to follow my footsteps through the Fringe literally it is my pleasure to name them here:

The Fannytasticals / The Canary and the Crow / Too Young to Stay In and Too Old to Go Out / Goddess /Madame Komondor Will See You Now

I have listed them in the same order as I have seen them. There is no grading. The shows could not be more different from each other in genre, style, budget, humor, storytelling and of course content. They all have something unique to offer and are worth seeing.

I also got to attend the #womenoffringe meeting at Canada Hub and am thankful for this platform and I have met amazing artists and wonderful people all through the week. I have lined up for the ‘Meet the Media’ at Fringe Central and even had a friend visit me from London. I have performed 6 times and my heart is warmed with the amazing feedback  and audience reactions. So everything is great, and yet … it is tough. It is a daily struggle to get bums on seats. Even though I incorporated flyering into my daily routine, on Sunday the show even had to be canceled since I did not sell one single ticket. My heart broke a little. It was tough to pick myself up the next day, go flyer again. But luckily I did. The next day my audience was so heavenly, they literally lifted me up. I always invite the audience to an open exchange at the bar of Novotel after my show. They had many questions about the character Käthe Petersen, my research process and performance experience. They loved the play so much, they even invited me to Bern (Switzerland) to perform it there. The same day I received a wonderful review: TABOO was graded as “The Hidden Gem” by Fringe Review – A chilling glimpse into the world of a little known but influential woman from the NAZI era. A little later TABOO was even recommended by Chris Neville-Smith in his online blog as his bold choice to watch.

So what do I take away from my first week at the EdFringe? It is quite like Scottish weather. Unpredictable and always changing.


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