TABOO´s bags are packed

I´ll admit, I´m getting a bit restless. In 2 days  I will fly to Edinburgh. I will check in at the student accommodations – sleep – go to my venue Sweet Novotel say hi and pick up my flyers, start flyering, stop by at Fringe Central and pick up my participant pass and sign in for the events I don´t want to miss and check out the public swimming pool – sleep – flyer, tech-rehearsal and meeting people at Fringe Central -sleep – flyer and get ready for the Scottish & EdFringe premiere of TABOO and so it goes. I feel prepared. I am organized. But still it feels like a leap into the ocean in stormy weather.

I don´t quite know yet, if the waves will be fun or if they will crush me. A lot of time was spent with researching and contacting press and industry, inviting people to come see my show via mail, twitter and Facebook, submitting my application for awards and lists and show cases. Maybe it would be good to take a day off and relax a little before the storm. But how? My mind goes in circles – have I missed something? What else could I do to hit the ground running? But hold on a minute. It is not all about business.

It is also about bringing my show to EdFringe, meeting amazing people, the creative process, performing TABOO 22 times AND enjoying it. That seems like a valid goal after a year of preparation, rehearsals, test-runs and backbreaking hours on the laptop. It´s time to get my feet on the ground and make that leap into the Fringe with an open heart and something meaningful to share. And yes, it´s scary when a dream is about to be lived. And it is something to look forward to.