The finale days of TABOO at EdFringe2019

It was the beginning of the 3rd week. I was rushing over South Bridge to get to a meeting or to see a show. I don´t remember. But there was this moment of realization. For the first time I felt it. I was at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I have made it. It was not only the conscious thought of: ‘I am in the city of Edinburgh, I have to flyer, I have to get to meetings, I have to do my social media, I have to set up my stage for my performance…’ No, it was the realization, that this is it. This is what I have dreamt of and I have made it. I am here and I am all right. I slowed down, possibly for the first time since I have gotten to Edinburgh and I felt this internal euphoria. This deep happiness, that becomes a physical sensation.

Tomorrow is my last day, my last performance at Novotel – a venue slightly out of centre. Not many people made the effort to find it. It was a struggle to get people in for all of us performing there, but I managed a view almost every day. I stayed healthy, ate regularly, kept up my swimming routine and stayed in touch with family and friends. And whats more: I made new friends, which made my EdFringe experience very special, I have seen amazing and inspiring shows, I have performed and shared my show 20 times and I am in conversation about new job offers for the time after the Fringe. All I can say now is THANK YOU!!!!

The sea was rough, but I did not go under. I paddled vigorously and I caught the wave. And it was magnificent.


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