I am the seagull

After my first show yesterday, I was walking to Sainsbury’s when I encountered a trapped seagull. To be fair he wasn’t trapped but he thought he was. He was stuck behind some scaffolding. He thought logically all he needed to do was fly forward. But he couldn’t. He had to fly up. But he couldn’t see it. He got a good crowd who encouraged him to fly up. There were ten of us. Eventually he flew up and we cheered.

Just think of it, he had a crowd of 10. Many shows at the fringe would kill for that. For a first show. I could relate to that seagull. My start to the Fringe has felt a bit like being trapped behind nerves and audiences and flapping about trying to work out what I’m supposed to do. Tech issues and nerves left me unable to work out how to fly up. And when four audience members walked out half way through there was a temptation to join them. Apparently they had come to the wrong show. Poor them. Those who remained liked what I did. One lady at the end said “oh well done!”. She reminded me of my Mum. Only I think my Mum would have been one of those who walked out.

So for show 2 I’m thinking “fly up and out”. Think the illogical. Do what the seagull did and then steal someone’s Kebab out of their hands. Metaphorically and in reality that is the way to do Edinburgh.

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