Pushing the envelope

My name is (well that’s three words) Andy Thomas and this is my blog. In my shows I am known as ‘Des Kapital’ who is a Communist Kareoke Crooner (CKC! Isn’t that an aftershave?). Today I have started rehearsing my Edinburgh show ‘Des Kapital-Im

Loving Engels instead’, which was first shown in the Brighton Fringe in June. It’s my third Des show. The first two were ‘Nevermind the cossacks’ and ‘Mao that’s what I call music’. They sold well and I enjoyed them but didn’t tour with them as I wasn’t yet convinced that the act was what it properly should be. I do think they were good storytelling shows and good factual history shows. Like a musical history lesson. But in Edinburgh 2018 the ‘Mao show’ divided audiences. Some people said to me ‘don’t change anything’ and others burst into tears, including some Chinese tourists who obviously found it a bit too factual. This bothered me. I would rather go for irony and laughs, so my journey this year is trying to have a history based show that doesn’t lie, but ups the fun and silliness. And there is much to observe and banter with Communism. Edinburgh is harder than Brighton. People will be able to compare you to more shows that they have seen. They will walk out if they want. They will walk out if you overrun. And punters come from

all over the world, so that gag you do about Del

Boy or Brexit won’t necessarily catch fire. So, oh boy….oh Del Boy…you gotta learn how to adapt and be flexible. So, I need a growth mindset, a thick skin and a thin membrane (as a thick skin can cut you off from your crowd). I’m lucky to be with Sweet Venues, they are very nurturing, caring and ambitious and really know their stuff. So I must push the envelope this year. But I need to seal it first and lick the back of the Queen’s head.  Des would not approve. Only Lenin stamps allowed. I’m sure Des will learn.