All Bow (Wow) To Biscuit The Canine Flyering Genius

Anyobe who has been through the thankless, mind numbing and utterly essential process of flyering to promote their Fringe show will bow (wow) down in admiration to these guys.

As we all know the key to success is to engage with passers by, get them talking, find a way to stick in their minds.

Holding up a poster saying “Take a flyer – pet a puppy” then giving them the chance to meet Biscuit, the endlessly attention loving cutie in these pictures is sheer genius.

Even better is that the dog has the endearing name of Biscuit.

All the more so if you’ve had the notion of doing it near to the Greyfriars Bobbie statue – that world famous magnet for fans of canine fidelity.

The team involved are from Via Brooklyn, who are presenting Monica: This Play Is Not About Monica Lewinsky at Greenside.

The show itself is an exploration of sexual shaming, and the impact of scandal.

This week’s Spectator magazine foresees a very big future for it saying: “The producers of this excellent play should create a three-minute sizzle-reel and start pitching it to the networks.”

So who knows – this may be your chance to see the live show that becomes the HBO mega hit.

And if they get Biscuit to present the sizzle-reel to the network executives then their pitch may prove irresistible.

For tickets see here.