An Edinburgh Breakdown (or two)

Last Friday morning, I was sitting in my car crying. I was on my way to take my very recently bought second hand car to the garage to have the dodgy suspension checked, when it broke down completely.  On a tiny one-way street.  In the Edinburgh rush hour. And the recovery people were having a busy day.  Up to 3 hours to wait.  And having been pushed by two kindly (or impatient) gents in the van behind me, I was parked in a police bay and couldn’t leave the car lest it be towed.  Eeesh….!

Ironically, I had changed my car because my old one was on its last legs and I wanted something reliable for my trip!!

Ok, it’s only a car.  And I was safe.  But it felt like the last straw building up on a stack of Fringe worries – money, ticket sales, getting reviewers in, blah blah blah.

Three days later and the car is in the garage having a variety of ‘issues’ sorted.  Meanwhile my issues are simmering away.

Sales are up and down.  I’ve seen some lovely shows.  Reviews are up and down.  I’ve got soaked through several times.  My stress levels are up and down.

But on my way back to the flat this evening I passed a young woman sitting in a doorway obviously upset.  I squatted down beside her and asked what was up; what she needed; if she needed to get somewhere.   She wouldn’t say.  But as I sat with her and touched her shoulder, she began to sob.  I stayed with her, and after a while she calmed a little.  “I’ll be OK” was all she would say; “I’ll be OK”.  I felt impotent to do anything other than be there for her for a few minutes.  Finally I said “Take care”, gently touching the side of her face……  and I walked away.

I have no idea what her story was.  But it made all the other bollocks seem unimportant.


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