And we’re off!!

How to say something meaningful without being clichéd?!

We had the first performances of our two Edinburgh shows on Friday, and all three actors (Heather-Rose Andrews in Metamorphosis, and Sharon Drain and Rebecca Jones in Sary) were, of course, awesome.

Both shows are challenging for the performers.

In Sary, the actors play younger and older versions of the same character.  Their subtle mirroring and the depth of their  relationship are key to creating a sense of unity.  The text has a poetic feel which creates its own demands.

Metamorphosis incorporates a very physical performance and numerous, quick character switches.  There is a sense of repetition of similar starting scenes – a tricky combination for the performer.

And both have a lot of words…..!  But Rebecca, Sharon and Heather did me proud (again).

There are a lot of cues in both shows – the soundscape and lighting being key to the shifts in mood in both pieces – and there were one or two technical glitches.  But these were preview shows, and the FX will no doubt bed in over the next couple of days.


Edinburgh regulars will know that pre-sales are often low, and that it’s not uncommon to have no-one turn up for some shows.  I’m trying to steel myself for this, as it feels pretty demoralising.

Happily we had a handful of audience in for both shows last night (including a reviewer – eeek!).  And some lovely reactions.

But now we need to build an audience for the run.  

Wish us luck!  

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