Getting Technical…

We’re here!

The Different Theatre Fringe-mobile has arrived (somewhat bumpily) in Edinburgh.

And we have one tech under our belts.

Soundscape and lighting are a key element in setting the mood in our show Metamorphosis, and although there is nothing especially fancy or flashy, there are a lot of cues – so it was a pretty long session for a sleepy team.   But it is looking and sounding gorgeous.

I was surprised to hear that some shows go on without even a mini tech.  Braver souls than I.   Even if it’s just a chance to get to know the space, it feels like an important part of the prep.  But horses for courses I guess?

We are looking forward to the Sweet Venues press launch this afternoon.  And then the tech for our other show Sary – a little simpler, but it will give us some welcome rehearsal time.

And then we go up tomorrow……   Eeeek!!!!

Different Theatre’s shows Sary and Metamorphosis open at Edinburgh Fringe on 2 August.