Well, we’ve done our previews, and are starting to get small but appreciative audiences in…  A couple of days ago an audience member said something amazing to me about his experience of Metamorphosis (a show I wrote and directed) which genuinely brought tears to my eyes.  I only hope he posts it somewhere!

So now I am venturing out into the rest of the Fringe…

First up was Meet The Media on Saturday.  As a Fringe Review reviewer, I did a short stint on our table (or in fact in the queue, as we were short of chairs!).  It’s a bizarre feeling – that people have queued, some for hours, just for the chance to speak to me.  Or of course, not to ME!, but to someone(s) with the power to decide if they get reviewed…  the first step to getting a good or great review… which is the first step to something else…   It’s a sobering and slightly saddening thought.  But I spoke to some great folks, enthusiastic about their shows, all of which were completely different.  I picked out a few that appealed, to add to my (already challenging) list, among them one or two in genres I don’t usually try.  Good to take a risk or two.

And now it’s time to get out and see some new theatre.  I have a mix of reviewer and punter tickets – the latter including shows of friends and colleagues (A Testament of Yootha; Fannytasticals; Happy Never After; Dancing in the Moonlight; Antidepressed, Quintessence and Subsist among them).

If you’re interested, you can read my reviews of shows over on the Review pages.

Different Theatre’s shows Sary and Metamorphosis are playing at Edinburgh Fringe until 25 August.