Report: The Great Fringe Review Debate at Brighton Fringe 2018

FringeReview founder Paul Levy, and FringeReview USA editor, Heather Bagnall are interviewed by theatre maker, reviewer and USA editor, Luke Tudball, a day after the debate. They attempt to summarise the debate and reflect on the points raised.

The panel also included Roger Kay, theatre maker from Pretty Villain as well as co-founder of the Rialto Theatre, Victoria Nangle, editor and reviewer at Latest 7,  FringeReview reviewers Strat Mastoris and Simon Jenner, and J.D Henshaw, founder and director of Sweet Venues (who kindly hosted the event.

Reviewers, performers, directors, writers and Fringe audience also joined in the debate. Thanks to all who took part.


The debate theme was: Is it time to ban reviewers?

The Great FringeReview Debate on Reviewing at Brighton Fringe 2018

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