When a world with schizofrenia meets a man with bipolar the world with schizofrenia is a dead world

How do you get out of this madness? It’s quite simple… you have to be crazier than the crazy reality around you.

As lockdowns are easying pretty much all over Europe we walk into uncertain times. Lockdowns are easy… re-opening and starting from where we left not so much. There is no doubt that a high mortality of businesses will ensue, especially within sectors which entail close contact between people or gatherings of any kind.

Kissing, hugging, shaking hands, patting on the shoulder will be things reserved for very special intimate occasions.

We will behave differently and for some time social distancing will rhyme with social phobia: separated tables in restaurants, sanitized office cubicles, covid-tracing apps, thermoscanners scattered a bit everywhere. And if you say to the people around you ‘Hi my name is Edvin and I come from Sweden!’ chances are people will look at you a bit puzzled, not sure whether to take a step back or one forward.

It’s madness. This is the stuff science fiction is made of.

However, if you pause for a second you will see that some formidable changes are taking place, not all for the worst. Some of them are bound to stay with us FOREVER.

For instance, millions of entrepreneurs have now realized that they can happily do without an office and be productive all of the same. This will clearly have an impact on urbanization. The more a business or an organization relies on human capital and the provision of services, the more this change will be evident and permanent.

If you sit down and jot some of these changes on paper you will see it’s quite a list.

The wheel of creative destruction has been given a good spin.


‘Creating’ imaginary worlds is what theatre people are all about.

A couple of days ago, as I was indulging myself in a tranquil moment of psychosis, I had a clear vision of a possible permanent change for theatre as well.

It was a crazy, off the charts, daring vision… I shared it with Silvia, a friend of mine who runs a theatre in Turin, close where I live.

That’s crazy…”, she said.

I know… that’s why it’s going to work.”, I replied.

I don’t want to carry on any further with it because I’d rather act on ideas than talk about them.  Let me just add it’s about the future of theatre festivals. Accidentally (or luckily I should say) I had just finished organizing one in February (www.fisicofestival.it), just a week before the sky fell over our heads.

Of one thing I’m sure. This is time for crazy ideas. So let the goddess Shiva dance happily seeding new ideas among the ruins. Forget the past. Change governs the universe. Let your heart flow.

When a world with schizofrenia meets a man with bipolar the world with schizofrenia is a dead world.

Aim for the heart Ramon…