Creativity is coming back like a Tsunami… now it needs a dam

The picture above comes from, just in case you wonder.

The first two months of this earthquake (counting exactly from February 26th when I cancelled all of our shows) were such an emotional rollercoaster it stopped all creative energy. I had all the time of the world but I was blocked, clogged, unable to put my mind on anything constructive. Talking to my close circle of friends engaged in the arts it seems that pretty much everyone was in the same state of mental paralysis.

Like everyone else, I guess, I went through all possible shades of emotions, from depression to sadness, from exhilaration to happiness.

Yes… absolutely, 100% pure happiness, I had my first caffé macchiato outside of a bar (they are open now here in Italy) a couple of days ago and I don’t think I’ve never felt happier in my life.

Better than sex… well… almost.

Blogging, and pulling myself up by starting a YouTube channel (long story… I’ll tell you another time) kind of helped to make it through this dark period. I also started to learn playing the keyboards and I’m almost done with the second level of the Suzuki method. I usually write the music of all of my shows and I play all kind of instruments (guitar, trumpet, harmonica, violin) at a mediocre level so catching up on a new one was not so hard.

Yet inside I felt really empty.

It was like giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a drowning victim. 

Suddenly, this week it seems that the creative vibe is able to breathe by itself once again.

It’s coming back big, like a tsunami, my mind is now flooded with ideas.

That’s dangerous as well because the key to my work as a writer-producer is transforming ideas into reality.


Everyone has ideas but only a handful few are willing to cross the narrow and winding path that leads to their execution. The hurdles, pain, hard work that pave this path make it an undesirable route for anyone who is sane.

In other words you have to be a bit of a nutter.

Go back to your inner child…. Zen mind, beginner’s mind.

Creativity is not a gift.

It’s a curse.