Mystic visions from the other world


The morning….as soon as I wake up.

The best time of the day I guess for a lot of people to harness their creative energy. That’s when the the unconscious and conscious are still united for a spell of time before that tiny spider web is swept away by the noise of our mind and the clatter of the things happening during the day.

This morning I danced. I’m not a big fan of gyms and truly the only sport I enjoy doing is walking (which obviously I can’t do in this period). Apart from that I do love dancing… apart from tango (which I can dance an advanced level) in the past I entertained myself with salsa, tap dancing, and bollywood. My routine is about 20-minute long. I wear a bluetooth headset connected to my smartphone and I play a list of YouTube videos.

Usually I go for techno or dance (stuff like LMFAO, Kiesza, Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand) and I dance like a madman in my room. Today I opted for an Indian music playlist. As I was into 5 minute  of dancing I had what I can only define as a mystic vision.

I suddenly realized almost the whole planet at that very moment was shut in their room, from New Dehli to Milan. It lasted only for a few seconds but the intensity was overwhelming. It was like a state of complete awareness and empathy for whoever is out there, probably in the opposite corner of the world, going through the same ordeal we’re going through, if not much worse.

Some people say this is going to be the end of globalization.

I happen to think just the opposite: this the beginning of a New World order unfolding before us.

One effect it has had on me already is a complete obsession with Asia.

I wonder what thousands of writers, artists, composers are doing right now. What I can feel is that..




It will all be fine.

Let the butterfly emerge from the chrysalis.