Stream man

Gosh. I’ve just realized I have been a lazy boy not posting here for a while. Or maybe it’s just the opposite.

Been incredibly busy on multiple fronts. Among the many our next edition of FISICO (Alba International Physical Theatre Festival) which should take place at the end of May 2021.

Given the fact we have now also expanded into video production the shows will be both live (with a real audience) and streamed on video. So far we have received more than one hundred application. The expiration date for submission should be tomorrow but we may indulge in an extension of one week (I’ll sleep over it and decide tomorrow).

Big piece of news…. related to this festival. I have decided to move from blogging to video-blogging and start a series of video interviews with the companies that partecipated to the first edition of FISICO in 2020 (you can find the photo catalogue here) and pretty much anyone connected to physical theatre, which is the kind of theatre I’m fond on.

My glass of wine, if you’d like to put it that way.

Once a Lecoqian always a lecoqian

Not sure how many readers will understand this.

So January 31st marks the end of blogman and the birth of stream man, more a nerd than a superhero. Among other things the company is moving to some new headquarters pretty soon and we want to have our own video room and start playing with it.

One thing which I think is important. January 1st marks the start of Brexit.

The UK is no longer part of the EU.

But as far as I am concerned

The UK it is very much part of EUROPE.

What is Europe? A CIVILISATION united by a Greek-Roman-Christian past, from Plato to Kant, from Mozart to Shubert, from Shakespeare to Pirandello and a bunch of many other people. At the core what makes this civilisation exciting is its DIVERSITY.

So for this 2021 edition of this festival we decided to partner with 3 British people-organizations: a writer, a theatre and a European theatre festival set in London.

More about that later on. I now have to wear my VR headset and leave for another mission. I’ll see you in this blog, videoblog, video channel… whatever.

FISICO (Alba International Physical Theatre Festival)