FISICO 2021 – Against all odds

Tomorrow marks a big day here in Italy.

The country is easing lockdown restrictions and in theory (underline that) theatres will open up again. Sounds good? Well, a bit too good to be true given the fact we have half a million covid positive active cases (make that one million).

Let’s see what happens. In any case we’re moving full speed ahead with our next edition of FISICO 2021 our international physical theatre festival which should take place exactly 5 weeks from now.

It’s a leap of faith.

Because of that I’ve started shooting some videos in front of the many medieval churches scattered around Piedmont, the region where I live. In these videos I share some random thoughts about theatre.

So in the next posts I will swap blogging with vlogging. Here’s the first of many vlog pills to come. Enjoy.