Casting 1.1 – If you need a man cast a woman

Still on tour.

Today we’re sleeping in a hamlet overlooking the city of Domodossola in Northern Italy (near the Swiss border). Given the majority of my time is consumed in a multitude of tasks that need my attention I’ve decided I’m going to write shorter posts compensating the lack of length with higher frequency.

In my last post I wrote how I’m going to embark on a proper casting process to find two actors for a new play of mine. Something I have avoided until now as I mostly relied on a network of people I know in person.

The question is.. are we going to use Spotlight or (I heard different versions from various sources regarding this). When in doubt take the safer course… My intuition leans towards Spotlight. The first thing I will have to do is to fill out a form. Our company needs to be vetted by Spotlight before we are allowed to publish the complete description of the roles needed.

It is something that should be done asap. However, I have found myself procrastinating on this as some details about this story in my mind were foggy.

At first I thought I was looking for a young girl, who can pass as a teenager student, and a man in his thirties playing the role of a teacher.

However, yesterday, as I was driving from a show, I had this vision that the role of the teacher could be played by a woman.

A male role played by a female.

It makes sense. We will be 4 people in total (I, our technician, and the 2 actors) and it would be easier to find hotel rooms if we were two males and 2 females. Besides, I want this show to be very physical, even more than BREXIT. No props (except one chair), pure physical interpretation, a nice neat simple story that starts as a comedy.

A high school student falls for her high school teacher. When her classmates find out, they bully her until she kills herself.

If you want tragedy use comedy.

If you need a man cast a woman.