Hot stuff and cold meals

It’s 2 am as I’m writing this post. Given that I seem unable to get any sleep I’ve decided to duly fill out our journal with the latest from our tour with the show Brexit.

During the last seven days we’ve been pretty much on the road. First, performing in the town of Piacenza (that’s the opening of the video you can find here). From there we hit another 3 cities in the North of Italy and now we’ve landed in Sicily where we are scheduled to perform in Catania, Palermo and another small town in the district of Catania.

Performing in Sicily comes with a cost. It’s about 1,500 km from where we are based (Italy is quite a long country) and flying there does not always come on the cheap, even with low cost airlines. Luckily enough our show is very light and fits two suitcases.

That’s how I actually design the setup of any show we do. I usually lay a suitcase on the floor and make sure all props and setup elements fit inside it neatly. I call that the 20 kg-rule. I learnt that from an Argentinian clown who had performed pretty much all over the world.

Most of the theatre companies I know usually want to show off with bulky set items that require the equivalent of a lorry to carry them around. I like it light (as a matter of fact in our new 2020 show #Virginie we’ll just use a couple of chairs and no props)

In theory we could even accommodate all the show in one piece of luggage but given we are always travelling in two it makes sense to use all of our luggage allowance. Besides, that leaves room for an extra set of clothes,  towel, and a swimming costume.

Don’t forget, we’re in Sicily…

Samuel Toye (left) actor, and Alessandro Diliberto (right), company technical manager, enjoying a lazy October Sicilian swim.

It’s about 25 degrees here during the day.

So after a sleepless night due to the fact we had to leave for the airport at 3 am, we decided to take a nice break.

We drove from Catania airport and on the way we stopped at a nice restaurant called Mare Kambo, which faces a beautiful beach. We filled our stomach and walked on the shore collapsing on the sand to get some sleep…and a nice swim.

After a couple of hours we continued our journey and took a detour to Taormina, where paused for a granita and to visit the ancient theatre. Finally, we arrived in Milazzo at about 8 pm to meet Michela, our Sicilian tour manager.

It may sound like a lot of fun but don’t be fooled. Life on the road is not always this way. At times we have to be content with a bunk bed and a sandwich.

It’s hot stuff… and cold meals.