The Glory and the Gory

So here we are…ready for a new theatre season with BREXIT and other shows that will follow. As a company we’re on for a tiring 9 months of non-stop touring and I thought it may be useful to fellow artists, or any other person interested in the crazy and delusional world of theatre, to keep a journal of all the adventures (or misadventures) we will encounter during these months on the road.

I’ll do may best to be honest about my life as a performer and theatre producer. So the intention is not only to share with you the glory of the spotlight but also the gory details of a life which is often tough as tough can be.

OK. Maybe I won’t be too honest but honest enough. For honesty can be both a gift or a flaw.

Like that joke about the boss of a major corporation interviewing a woman for a post as his secretary. After an hour-long interview when he is just about to wrap up he asks her:

“Tell me your biggest flaw.”

The woman thinks about it for a few seconds and says, “Honesty”

“I don’t think honesty is a flaw”, the boss comments.

“I don’t give a fuck what you think”, she replies.

I think you get the gist…

As the our future on the stage unfolds I will write as often as I can about what our daily experiences and events (A sort of Captain Kirk’s log entries style posts). In between I will share with you some aspects of the business-production side of my work. Finally, you will get the full range of emotions that I usually live through a tour and a new production: joy, bouts of depression, despair, anger, suicidal thoughts, agony, happiness.

The posts will be short but I hope full of information which may be relevant to you. To tell you the truth I’m quite scared I may not be up to the task. Fear is always waiting behind the corner.

Fear of the future in particular.

But I’ve seen the future… and it works.