It is what it is

I haven’t been blogging lately as about three weeks ago I suffered a tragic loss. My mother suddenly died (we were very close) and I was in a foggy state of mind up unable to focus on anything in particular. Fortunately enough she didn’t suffer too much and did not die of covid.

I’m saying this because had she died of covid she would not have had the chance of a proper burial. I’m not sure what the situation at the moment is but during the lockdown here in Italy relatives of victims dying for covid-19 were unable to see the bodies of their loved ones. The corpses were quickly disposed of by cremation. My thoughts go to all the people that had to live such an ordeal.

In retrospective, the fact I had to suddenly come to halt with my work for several months gave me a chance to spend a lot of time with her. Quality time. I’m very grateful for that.

I could complain about a lot of things that have been happening in my life lately. But I came to the point in life where I realize that reality is not good or bad by itself.

It is what it is.

As we getting close to the beginning of fall and a possible second wave I feel that whatever is going to happen the worst thing I could do is not to remain faithful to who I am.

We all given a role to play in the stage of life.

Do we want to play solo or help others along the journey?

Are we going to play a comedy or a tragedy?

Are we going to play somebody’s script or rather write it ourselves?

We’re all actors in disguise.