Brighton Fringe Keyword Chaos

 I'd Had Enough So I Killed Him

We trawl through the Fringe programme, previews and press releases and are pulling out phrases and sentences that intrigue, inspire and interest us. We link that to the performers’ track records of work. So, use your intuition and click on a phrase that piques your own curiousity and perhaps you’ll find a show you want to see…

How it works: Click on a phrase to find a recommended show…

 Tales from the Elsewhere

But one day, death announces itself to him and, to his huge surprise, he is brought face to face with his own mortality

It will answer questions such as: How far would you have to travel to find yourself in an infinite universe? What were the chances of being born? And can studying the universe resolve Brexit? 

The audience takes a vote on which is the robot and watches them be terminated live on stage! You could stop, or start, the robot apocalypse. It’s in your hands, all of humanity, so come on down!

It is now the end. The beginning of the end. Certainly the end of the beginning. How now brown cow?

When three young whippersnappers stumble across a box of cassette tapes, leading them to the deadly secret at the centre of the town’s openly suspicious abandoned laboratory, they are left asking; what is the cause of the disappearances? Why does everyone slap each other’s backs quite so hard? And just what is the Elsewhere? Will they find out? Yes. Obviously.

As the memories of former patients collide violently with her own, a child psychologist attempts to record what she’s spent her whole life trying to forget. But when time begins to loosen its grip, and her recording equipment begins to argue back, we hear the inner workings of a mind on the brink of collapse.

A combination of cataclysmic events results in the extinction of the human race, leaving behind an AI being programmed to recreate humanity when the time is right, with the complete works of Shakespeare as a guide to the human spirit. Humanity must thrive… but at what cost? 


Baby wipes, glitter and cans at the ready, Joni and Scarlett head off on their respective weekends. From two walks of life and residing on two sides of the festival, the pair unexpectedly meet in the neon fields of Irish music festival, Electric Picnic. 

A search for being, seeing and wanting to be seen. A search for identity, security and strength. A search for confession, for conviction, for judgement. Washing all the dirt off to get to the core, to make it visible.
In 2014, Eastern Ukraine sits on a knife edge. A troubled university student is forcibly evicted from his home by a soldier claiming to be defending him from fascists. They say all is fair in love and war, but who gets to decide what’s fair anymore?
He has seen many things, and done worse, but is he alive or dead? Are we slaves to past actions, or do they make us stronger? 

Not long ago, I lost my best friend. Soon after, I sat in the hospital emergency room, alone and scared, believing I didn’t have long left to live. I felt unable to call any of my mates to be with me. A few months later I was chased down by two knife-wielding men on a moped, and narrowly escaped. After overcoming these events a thought stayed with me I haven’t been able to shift; I don’t know if I can save myself. 

But with a whole universe of distractions – including a talking plastic duck who seems to know a worrying amount about him – finishing the book seems infinitely improbable…

There’s a nose on the loose in the city, and it’s not the only one. 

… a show about how memory is subjective, how no-one truly remembers anything and how we all put things back together differently.

What do you find in the crevices of your conversations? Where do your words end up after countless accumulation? 

 Last Hive

See the world through the eyes of a honeybee. A comedy set in a world of climate destruction and disappearing bees.  Will the insects rise up against the humans? Come down to the insect underworld to find out…

Amidst the fresh cigar smoke of a 1920s club, the voice of a girl rings out against the injustice of her uncle’s control, against the dominance of her cruel past and to honour her two dead brothers. Shouts of glory and chivalry greet one brother’s corpse, whilst shouts of hatred and disgust mock the other. But both receive the tears of Antigone.

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