An Edinburgh Breakdown (or two)

Last Friday morning, I was sitting in my car crying. I was on my way to take my very recently bought second hand car to the garage to have the dodgy suspension checked, when it broke down completely.  On a tiny one-way street.  In the Edinburgh rush hour. And the recovery people were having a […]

Many Different Paths

Well, I am back in Sussex and so writing my final EdFringe19 blog post with the benefit of some sleep and a little hindsight. It was a blast and heart-warming.  It was also exhausting, and sometimes disheartening. We had wonderful reactions to our two shows Sary and Metamorphosis; some lovely audience feedback and a handful […]

No Animals Were Harmed…..

Reviews are funny things eh? Part of me doesn’t want to look.  Part of me is curious.  Part of me craves some positive feedback (especially from someone who seems to have really ‘got’ the work).  And part of me is praying for a good review to help drive ticket sales. After all, we are at […]


Well, we’ve done our previews, and are starting to get small but appreciative audiences in…  A couple of days ago an audience member said something amazing to me about his experience of Metamorphosis (a show I wrote and directed) which genuinely brought tears to my eyes.  I only hope he posts it somewhere! So now […]

And we’re off!!

How to say something meaningful without being clichéd?! We had the first performances of our two Edinburgh shows on Friday, and all three actors (Heather-Rose Andrews in Metamorphosis, and Sharon Drain and Rebecca Jones in Sary) were, of course, awesome. Both shows are challenging for the performers. In Sary, the actors play younger and older versions of the […]

Getting Technical…

We’re here! The Different Theatre Fringe-mobile has arrived (somewhat bumpily) in Edinburgh. And we have one tech under our belts. Soundscape and lighting are a key element in setting the mood in our show Metamorphosis, and although there is nothing especially fancy or flashy, there are a lot of cues – so it was a […]

A Watched Pot

I was warned……. Most ticket sales at Edinburgh are walk-ins.   Don’t expect many pre-sales. There are more shows than ever this year, so fewer people are booking ahead  But still I check…. And guess what, looking at your ticket sales every few hours DOESN’T CHANGE THE NUMBERS…..! No indeedy….. So STOPPIT! There are still […]

Better Get Packing!

Just four days before our shows go up in Edinburgh, and there’s a frisson of…  what?…..  panic?….  excitement?   Adrenalin certainly. Of course I left the packing to the last minute, squeezing in some work on other projects instead, but at last I am ready to roll….. Pride of place in the Fringe Wagon is […]

Anxious “Shoulds”

One of the things that has taken me by surprise in the run up to our Edinburgh fringe shows is the sheer amount of activity on Twitter.   I dipped my toe in a couple of months ago and felt an enormous surge of tagging, listing, retweeting….    I’ve been paddling since. There is some […]

Letting Them Get On With It

It is just less than two weeks before Different Theatre’s shows open at Edinburgh Fringe.  Time to start worrying about all the things I should be doing to build an audience.  But more of that next time…. Last night Heather-Rose Andrews (pictured) did the second of two previews of Metamorphosis, this time at Guildford Fringe. […]

Some Pre-Edinburgh “Down Time”?!

                      They say a change is as good as a rest.  I had a bit of both last week with a trip to central Brittany.  A break from shows and rehearsals for a while, recharging my batteries ready for a crazy August. It wasn’t exactly […]

Hello and welcome to this new blog, in which I will share the ups and downs of an Edinburgh Fringe first timer, as Artistic Director of Different Theatre.   Different Theatre are a Sussex-based company, creating intimate and female-centric theatre with a twist of the surreal.  We are actually bringing two shows, both produced in […]