Catchphrase Comminism

‘I believe in catchphrases’. This was the opening line of ‘The Godfather’. Or was it ‘I believe in America’. Yes it was that. But then the undertaker says ‘America has made my fortune’. America won’t make mine but catchphrases might. Des Kapital has a few catchphrases but he’s always up for suggestions. So far Des […]

I am the seagull

After my first show yesterday, I was walking to Sainsbury’s when I encountered a trapped seagull. To be fair he wasn’t trapped but he thought he was. He was stuck behind some scaffolding. He thought logically all he needed to do was fly forward. But he couldn’t. He had to fly up. But he couldn’t […]


I have arrived in Edinburgh. La de da. I am delighted that this year I have my own room. Privacy! Privacy to…er…blog. Last year I stayed in shared accommodation which although it encouraged me to talk to people (“Shuttup!”)  there was some poo on the walls. And it wasn’t even mine!  But this year, wow. […]