And now….

Greetings All! Well, I guess I failed to be very interesting this Fringe in terms of writing much! A bout of Fringe-itis in the middle didn’t help. How are you? Healthy? TIRED!? I hope you’ve had a fabulous time – no doubt some processing space will need to occur over the next few days. Me? […]

            Gavin Robertson is an award-winning actor, poet and physical theatre maker and performer. He shares his recommendations for solo theatre with FringeReview. Gavin is here at Edfringe 2019 with his own solo show, Stand-up Poet. Gavin: Here’s my top 5 picks of the solo shows on offer at Edinburgh […]

              So firstly I should probably declare that I’m performing myself (“Stand-Up Poet” – that’s that done) but having been asked by FringeReview to push some shows your way, here’s my top five, based on intuition, instinct, piqued interest or because I’ve seen it before! Find out more about […]


Greetings All… So here we are a few days before Fringe starts, and no doubt you’ve been tweeting and FB-ing and Instagraming, and pushing your show(s) as much as is possible before physically being in the City and engaging in … whatever. I don’t have the magic solution to selling more tickets, I’m afraid. But […]