One more week of Flogging

Well it’s the last week of the Fringe, but there’s no letting up!

We managed a nice semi-day off on Sunday and took a drive into the Scottish countryside for some much needed re-energising from mother nature. What a beautiful country this is… rolling mountains, meandering streams and waterfalls for days.

Just the reset we needed before heading to our tech rehearsal in our new venue. The night before we had lugged all our music gear and set pieces across the road to Surgeons’ Hall.. our home for the last week. We basically needed a day off after that for our delicate bodies to recover from the heavy lifting we’re not all that accustomed to.

But Sunday night it was all back on again and we rocked up and set up in our new space. I’d bought a large screen TV and stand for the new venue, so at least half of the tech rehearsal was spent with me trying to piece together all the metal pieces and nuts & bolts of a TV stand with some badly drawn DIY instruction pictures and a complete lack of a phillips-head screwdriver. It all came together eventually, but didn’t leave a lot of time to run much from the actual show. Here’s some lovely backstage pics of us all looking busy…

Then last night we did our first show in the new venue. It’s strangely disconcerting getting used to a new theatre and a new stage layout, so the whole show felt a little “weird”. There’s a lot of audio and music to get right in our show, so getting used to a new sound system and in a new room is always a challenge. Fortunately I had a lovely special guest in the form of BBC broadcaster Jeremy Nicholas, and a delightful and spritely audience who were up for a good time.

And so the show goes on! New time and new venue and a bunch of new guests. The last week of Fringe fully loaded and ready to fire!

The John Rowe Show

thespace@Surgeons’ Hall Grand Theatre.

Aug 19-24