Brighton Fringe

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Brighton Fringe 2014


Sondheim would be proud of this show

Crimplene Millionaire

"Theatre that is different and unique"

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

A high energy performance of this cult classic

House of Blakewell’s House Party

Peckham House Party musical with great tunes and witty songs and edgy geography

Jacques Brel: Une Vie A Mille Temps

An enjoyable look at the songs of Jacques Brel

Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Soho

Margaret Thatcher, the disco queen is back.

My Friend Lester

"the singer and the saxophonist have a great musical rapport "

Simply Soweto Encha

Powerful, often moving, always infectiously uplifting

The Bloody Ballad

" has the potential to become a cult hit."

The Long Lost River Song

utterly charming, intimate music and dining experience

The Opinion Makers

"fast-paced, wise-cracking, and hilarious musical. "

The Pirates of Penzance – Rebooted

"sang their songs enthusiastically and danced with gusto"