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Brighton Fringe 2016

1 in 3

1 in 3 is a brave, thoughtful and heartfelt new play which explores the deep and truthful world of chemotherapy

A Dirty Get-Away!

Brilliantly silly and profound meditation on the nature of memory loss as innocence

A Good Jew

Keenly-anticipated new play by Jonathan Brown breaks new territory; it’s both theatrically challenging and disturbing.

And the Rope Still Tugging Her Feet

Compelling, downright funny yet tragic true narrative of the Kerry Baby affair of 1984. Caroline Burns Cooke triumphs as writer and actor.

Dancing in the Dark

Inspired off-centre situationist drama from acclaimed Wired Theatre about family, grief and sexual identities.


Disquieting premiere about sexual abuse torturing the memories of a child, her adult self, and her abuser


Patrick Sandford's groundbreaking play, acted by himself, of his own childhood abuse, acted alongside a sax player...


Hip is a must see show. A Brighton-spirited séance with tequila, nibbles, tenderness and laughter.


Superbly conceived speculative gambit by ZLS Theatre. Prepare to be immersed.


Showstopping numbers stud this heartwarming, touching new play with numbers by Liz Tait.


A well-produced show that holds the attention and provides plenty of laughs along the way.


Clean focused reading by Bexelei Theatre's young talent of Jon Barton's new play on trolling

Save Me A Balloon

"it's full of joie de vivre and a real pleasure to watch."

Simon Says

A touching brief play scooped out of the air by two bright students with only a title to go on.

Something Rotten

Scintillating subversive and original take on Hamlet’s unhappy uncle, weighed down by doubts and too many jokers. Beware of complicity.

The Bula Loop

A searing but warm-hearted examination of autism in the family.

The Cunning Mr Lingus

Advice on how to sex up your life and your period appendages sets tongues wagging for a second year in this warm comedy from Alpha males to a wicked Omega-

The Marlowe Papers

A diamond in Shakespeare’s or Marlowe’s ruff? Ros Barber’s novel adapted for the stage, starring vaulting Jamie Martin.


Tremendously energised one-man play about an Australian minister's son on a mission, but which one?

Wolf Meat

Profoundly silly and farcically serious show with just the kind of anarchy that offers coke to audience members. Contains brief and ghastly nudity.

Year Without Summer

Fascinating sideling glimpse of Romantic poets and writers through a chaise-long laced with gothic intent.