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Brighton Fringe 2017


Steven Berkoff's version of Aeschylus' classic. War, murder and blood aplenty.

AY/NA Ceyda Tanc Dance Company

This world class contemporary dance is filled with both quick and unhurried graceful movement requiring real control, which is displayed in genuine abundance. Yet the themes are so highly contemporary and their skill-set so excellent that they surpass any contemporary dance performance I have seen, whilst holding to their very own distinctive form and style.


"....saving you the need to go to Calais or any other refugee camp"

Broken Air

Stretching time and space with help of a balloon, a suitcase, one shoe and countless grains of sand

Dark Matter

Consciousness. Where does it arise from? What happens when it begins to decay?

Enter the Dragons

Classic clowning exploring the subject of female ageing

Great Train Robbery

Through an ingenious mix of clowning, physical theatre and wonderful singing, this comic four shed new light on ‘what really happened’ and ‘how they participated.’

Lucy Hopkins: Ambition

Powerful Women Are About


The onset of dementia takes Jack Dobson on a hazardous journey of remembering

Sleeping Trees: Sci-fi?

Rollicking furiously paced exquisitely skilled physical comedy