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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

At Home with Mrs Moneypenny

Champagne and nibbles all round in Mrs Moneypenny’s “at home”.

Blue Beard

The bedtime story of every child's favourite serial killer as you've never seen it before

Celebrity Autobiography

Celebrities, are they for real?

Chris Addison

Chris Addison right in the thick of it.

Dean’s Dad’s Ducks

A sweetly engaging story about one man and his dad. And his 30,000 ducks ..

Double Booked

Where there’s sex, lies and videotape, the truth will out.

Fibber in the Heat (A Cricket Tale)

Straight bat on a sticky wicket sees Jupp produce a winning hit.

His Name Is Tim

The search for a young man’s identity through story-telling and a good deal of pluck.

His Name Is Tim

The search for a young man's idenity through story-telling, and a good deal of pluck.

It’s Always Right Now, Until Its Later

Daniel Kitson's best ever. Yet more brilliant storytelling by the alternative national treasure.

Jack the Knife

Intelligent, entertaining and worth more than one visit.

Laura Solon: The Owl Of Steven

‘Hello, I’m Laura, and this is my show’. This simple and straightforward introduction to Laura Solon’s 2010 story gives a good indication of the hour that’s about to follow: light, witty and smart.

Not the Incredible String Band

Musical Anecdotes from the 60's veterans

Now I Know My BBC

This is the story of the BBC: just an old, saggy broadcasting corporation, and a bit loose at the seams. But Toby loved it ..

Ransom’s Million

Characters galore queue up in the £1million giveaway.


A sharp and witty one-woman show.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

The team behind 2009 hit ‘Ophelia (Drowning)’ are back with a quirky adaptation of the Brecht classic.

The Jewish Chronicles

An entertaining and amusing hour of song and chat.

The Moira Monologues

Rib hurting humour from one of Scotland’s foremost young performers

The One to One Show

Rapier like wit and no (MP’s) expense spared.

The Trojan Women

Interesting and visual depiction of Euripides’ masterpiece.

Unaccustomed As I Am

How not to approach public speaking

What Would Helen Mirren Do?

Helen Mirren inspires Susan’s success.