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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

64 Squares

Enter the brain of ‘B’, and discover some of the most exciting physical theatre on the Fringe.

Am I Dead Yet?

A surprisingly light hearted exploration of death

An Oak Tree

From little acorns ... a story of loss, regret .. and the possibilties of roads not taken.


A creative, imaginative retelling of Beowulf in puppet form.


An outstanding piece of work for theatre goers of every kind.

Dial Medicine for Murder

Chilling tale of one convicted serial killer. And another one that got away.

Fraxi Queen of the Forest

A 'MUST SEE' for children aged 8+. A triumph of whimsical physical theatre

Joanna Neary : Faceful of Issues

A quite brilliant hour of character acting from a master of her craft

Linking Rings

Magic, Houdini and Blackpool

Oh, Hello!

Poignant reminder of a fallen comedic actor.

Portraits in Motion

Absorbing, intriguing and entertaining!

Shakespeare Untold : Double Bill

Two very different plays, two very different actors. But the same outcome – an audience enthralled.

Show Your Hope

Fascinating, charming storytelling about travels and art

Since Maggie Went Away

A tale of grief, loss and discovery. Family history at its most complex and interesting.

Sunny Runny Runcorn

Dynamic, raw and poetic storytelling

The Adventures Of Nellie Bly

Stop the press! Follow life in the fast (Lois) Lane with this interpid girl reporter!

The Element In The Room: A Radioactive Musical Comedy About The Life And Death Of Marie Curie

The very height of (science) experimental theatre. Radium: rah-rah-radical ...

The Free Meditation Class

Politics, spirituality and a banjo…

The Man Called Monkhouse

They all laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian ..

The Naked Stand-Up

A celebration of aging, inner beauty and cellulite not for the faint of heart

The Night Shift With Gloria Hole

An insightful telling of a drag queen’s life and her changing role within the community.

The Sunset Five

A wonderful hour of devised theatre with a charming cast, strong musicianship, and lots of laughs

The Tale of Tommy O’Quire

Stunning storytelling. One to take your inner child to should you not have any real ones to hand.

Woolley Eyed Turtle 3D

Two zany women - Wildly dynamic physical storytelling!