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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

All Quiet on the Western Front

See it and be reminded.

Being Norwegian

"subtle, tender and funny"

Burnt Sugar

A bright idea that is a little short in its delivery.


Straight play where plenty is slightly crooked.

Five Go Off on One

The Famous Five, without one, go off on an adventure on summer hols for jolly japes and smuggling scrapes.


A series of scenes on the issues of lost people

Missed Connections

Three encounters on the tube. Three quite different stories.

The Tobacco Merchant’s Lawyer

A one man treat that is both comic and satirical as a man of nae means tries to survive against those that have the means for survival

Yoke’s Night

An evening of drugs, mayhem and macabre dealings where all is more than what it seems.


The story of exposed abuse told simply and effectively from a stool on a stage.