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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Angel to Vampire

Go delight in this hidden gem

Bubble Revolution

a stimulating play about entering the consumerist bubble


In-your-face exposé of the E15 housing scandal.

Every Brilliant Thing

An entertaining, amusing look at depression.


Evil "personified" onstage shows us who the real monsters are

Ghost Quartet

The ghosts inside us all


Il Duce meets the Merchant of Venice in a literary mash up that works well

Grimm: An Untold Tale

An entertaining and illuminating play about forgotten figures in history

Guy Masterson : Love and Canine Integration

Poo, pooches and a pretty girl in a shaggy dog story with a difference.

I Used to Hear Footsteps

Paranormal investigation delves into family life

Jeu Jeu La Foille: Frontal Lobotomy

Burlesque, poetry, puppetry and the history of frontal lobotomy

Joanna Neary Does Animals and Men

Wacky, daft, dotty, bonkers, nuts. But very sweet.

Leaf by Niggle

Exquisite show. Masterful Storytelling of Tolkien's story !

Mairi Campbell: Pulse

A storytelling journey about finding your true musical self

O is for Hoolet

Fascinating one-woman spoken word show about the Scots language

Operation Love Story

A charming, intimate and disarmingly direct story of matchmaking in the big city


More enchanting storytelling from this rising star on the Scottish music scene.

Team Viking

"A while ago my best friend Tom died of heart cancer. His last wish was for me to give him a Viking Funeral. So I did."


Generation Lost bites back

The Good, The Bad and The Weegie

Another success from the Cairns’ stable and a real hidden gem of the Fringe.

The Grimmest of Grimm Tales

An 'awesome' (and deliciously gory) start for the day

The Jungle Book : Cobwebs and Moontalk

Where’s that elephant got to?

The Moira Monologues by Alan Bissett

Humour and pathos from one of Scotland’s foremost comedic performers.

The One Legged Man Show

Moving, funny, revealing and intelligent

The Ruff Guide to Shakespeare

Thirty seven plays and Shakespeare’s life story in under fifty minutes.

The Unknown Soldier

A solo play that will stay with you long after you have left the theatre

The View from Castle Rock

A story that is both touching and at times humorous.


This is what the Fringe is really about

Twonkey’s Mumbo Jumbo Hotel

Pointless, stupid and hilarious

Where Do All The Dead Pigeons Go?

Losing your mind when lost in space

Yoke’s Night

An evening of drugs, mayhem and macabre dealings where all is more than what it seems.