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Edinburgh Fringe 2017


Powerful story of gender and cultural identity


A dramatic and engaging trip back to the 17th Century when four thinkers thought outside of a box and changed philosophy and science forever.


Deft and fluid storytelling. Well worth seeking out.


A beautifully articulated piece of theatre that moves heart and mind as it tells the story of a Syrian refugee from converging perspectives


Challenging theatre that asks big questions about the current state of housing and homelessness in the UK

Cheekykita: Somewhere In The Ether

New madness from the Manchester loon

Chips and Cheese

A popular Glaswegian snack turns into a funny comic journey round yer nan and yer papa meeting yer English boyfreend.

Deadly Dialogues

A challenging and riveting dramatisation of jihad (struggle) and how it is experienced by young muslims today.


Be careful what you wish for… an unflinching examination of suicide


Clash of the electricity titans, in a clash of theatrical conventions. Sparks will fly.


Heartfelt, funny and direct – what does it mean to have your best mate stand by you when you’re stuck being your worst self.


Hilarious, crude and shocking tale with undertones of grief and pain

Fred and Rose

A powerful look at how the two of the most infamous Gloucester residents almost evaded capture.

How to Act

Dramatic play with humour - entertaining, engrossing, well acted, written and directed. Wow!


Could you fall in love with a robot?


A world premiere: excellent English translation of Ukrainian playwright Mykola Kulish's 1933 play.

Mary Go Nowhere

An acerbic take on living the modern suburban American ‘dream’ with lovely ensemble performances and laugh out loud dialogue.

Meeting at 33

An immersive meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with truth, dignity and power in the performance

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

A poignant and heart wrenching indictment of “caring” for, rather than with, the learning disabled who wish to be parents


A black comedic dramatic trip back to the 60’s where films were made and sex was cheap with a couple of gangsters who are just a pony short of the full shilling.

Prison Psychologist

A dark, intense and intimate story of love and tragedy. Worth getting up early for...


Absorbing and masterful storytelling; a poignant coming to terms with loss


A highly effective retelling of the loss of arguably China’s greatest 20th Century writer thanks to the persecution he suffered at the hands of his own government.

Start Swimming

Concrete jungle where dreams are fought for

The Dog Daze Of Summer

A love story to (wo)man's best friend

The Drive

Intriguing new play - friendship, memories of two women on an unexpected road trip.

The Gardener

Poignant storytelling. With biscuits.

The Last Queen of Scotland

A largely one woman show that manages to effectively tell the tale of how the Ugandan Asians, thrown out of their country ended up in the UK through the eyes of one of the children who came across and ended up in Dundee, like…

The Recovery Version

Hogmanay in the Highlands. A time for whisky and home truths

The Shape of the Pain

Polished and riveting, but in need of a further draft

The Sky Is Safe

Committed, necessary and urgent theatre.

The Sweet Science

An innovative and energetic play that packs a punch


An enthusiastic musical which promises to view the world from an alt left American perspective given current world posturing

What if the Plane Falls out of the Sky?

"get tickets to this as soon as possible"

Whore: A Kid’sPlay

An episodic trip through what your mom is from the perspective of children and young people who find adulthood a scary place.


Snappy writing and brilliant solo performance on the theme of digital technology