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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

(Even) Hotter

A hilarious expose of what is hot, in your body, for your body and with other bodies.


A one woman powerhouse!

A Fair Tale About a Fairy Trade

A brave attempt to tackle a serious issue, from an ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate young company.

A Generous Lover

A masterclass in solo work

Ad Libido

A moving, painfully funny, brilliantly crafted one woman show that has everything from awkward sex scenes to teenage diaries to talking Yonis.

All Change

A delightful and bittersweet comedy that will tug your heart strings.

Alma, A Human Voice

Clever creation that needs a little glitter!

And Before I Forget That I Love, I Love You

A moving hour immersed in a powerful story

Bite-Size Plays Presents: Neverwant

Where Do We Find Humanity In A World Without Emotion?


Graphic treatise on the dangers of substance abuse – in this case alcohol.


Well crafted, performed and directed, spirited, polished, entertaining and moving show!


Well written and acted contemporary play about 20 somethings is relatable, informative, entertaining and pulls on the heart-strings, the best kind of theatre!

De Fuut

Disturbing look into the mind of a paedophile

Dear Lucy

Revealing discovery in a shoebox.

Dib, Dib Dead

A worthy drama of a scouting mission that goes seriously wrong

Drip Feed

Unsettling solo show about obsession and loss


Explosive gig-theatre exploring mental health


A Fascinating Portrayal of the Lost Women of the Beatnik Era


A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful

An intimate and polished performance from an accomplished storyteller and poet.

Extinguished Things

Interesting and moving with detailed descriptions.


A true story told with skill, passion and tremendous attention to detail (you'll get the shivers)

Fear Itself

funny, dark and frightening - a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes

Female Transport

A tale of transport to the colonies with punishment, exploitation and solidarity at the heart of a straightforward tale, told in an intimate setting.

First Snow / Première neige

Inventive bilingual collaboration where family tensions merge with debate around cultural identity

Forget Me Nots

Dynamic, subtle and tender storytelling!


A Startling, Powerful Commentary on a Broken System

Gie’s Peace

Inspiring Stories of Courageous Women - An Exploration of War Through Storytelling and Music

Grace Notes

Thoughtful and compelling storytelling


A joyous celebration of relationships in all their glorious messiness


One for fans of Su Pollard, a National Treasure’ in her first fringe solo show.


A gut-wrenching tale of Indigenous brothers caught in a torrent of solvent abuse in the wake of the death of their mother.

In Loyal Company

A Traumatic But Necessary Reminder Of The Heroes The War Leaves Behind

Istanbul: You’ll Never Walk alone

An iconic night of football told from three perspectives in an enthralling a tale as the one played out in Turkey

It’s Not a Sprint

Engaging performer in a solo play about Thirty-something life choices

I’ll Have What She’s Having

A hilarious run through womanhoodwinked in the 21st Century straight from two women who know from either side of the picketed fence.

Letters For Peace

Haunting, poignant music from one of Scotland’s leading guitarist and composers

Losing my mindfulness

Exploring the secrets behind our public faces

Love Song To Lavender Menace

Heartwarming tribute to an important piece of LGBT+ history

Lucille and Cecilia

Two wacky sea lions with a tale to tell – and don’t forget the mackerel.

Mao That’s What I Call Music!

Des Kapital presents a strange brew of pop karaoke and Communist China

Monsieur Somebody

Excellent acting, intriguing new absurdist play by Seamus Collins is provocative and entertaining!

Narcissist in the Mirror

Razor sharp writing and performance. If you’re going to see one play about millenial anx, see this one.

One Life Stand

Gig theatre examining relationships in the technological age

Passionate Machine

Time travel, Russian poetry, a PhD, a single Mum, quantum physics, a Rocky montage. Fun, moving and brilliant.

Queens of Sheba

Inspiring, energetic, committed

Re: Production

An exceptionally well-crafted tale of how irony and IVF melt together but cannot break true love.

Roxy Likes Cats

An interesting drama centred around loss and how to confront it.

Sit with us for a moment and remember

Take a moment from your busy day. Now breathe.

Skin A Cat

An honest, brave coming of age story


When does a girl become a woman? This is the question at the heart of Somebody.


A powerful ode to friendship relationships, and the spaces between.


Bold exploration of the idea of nationality

Stick By Me

A show about friendship. And lolly sticks.

That Woman! Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

A deliciously gossipy peak into the 20th century’s most famous love affair

The Approach

Three women. Three lives. Three conversations spanning half a decade. Woven and connected and Isolated and reconnected.

The Burning Gadulka

Vibrant and animated storytelling!

The Fishermen

A Traumatic But Transformational Fight For Life, Freedom, and Understanding

The Way Out

An acoustic dystopian fantasy where the question becomes – is it right to unplug?

This Is Just Who I Am

"utterly hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable"

Timpson The Musical

A pair of star-crossed lovers out to out-invent their foe, one Keypulet, the other Montashoe.

Trojan Horse

Compelling, devastating, uncompromising,

Twonkey’s Night Train To Liechtenstein

A new hour of surreal silliness and old favourites


Amy Rose Doyle delights in this obsessively Weird one woman show