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Edinburgh Fringe 2019


Realistic, poignant, very well acted and written play

50 Words

Gentle but effective two-hander about a mum’s death and a stepdad’s steep learning curve, through the eyes of an autistic teenager

A Little R and R

A decent comedy duo perform some pretty decent comedy skits

A Shadow of Doubt

An intriguing piece of theatre which brings the issue of dementia centrally to you from the core of a well written play.

Anything With A Pulse

A great two hander where one night leads to an awakening, which leads to eventual slumber regarding opportunity over many other days

Appropriate by Sarah-Jane Scott

The erratic path of true love: A simple tale told at a cracking pace with depth, style, and biting wit.

Best Girl

Sparse lyrical writing and a beautifully nuanced performance from a mother and daughter team

Breakfast Plays – Mooning

An exhilarating read through of a play with a surprising ending and hopefully a predictable time for full performance.


Taut and funny new writing from this queer led theatre company

Cardboard Citizens: Bystanders

Powerful real stories told with phenomenal theatrical flair that will have you thinking 'what would I do?'

Catching Comets

This was a solo performance telling a story about love, about fear, about the protections that we build up around ourselves that isolate us more than they serve.

Come Out From Among Them

A fascinating theatrical one man exploration of a phenomenon of politics that is the fundamentalist reason why Northern Irish politics continues to fascinate.

Daphne, or Hellfire

Environmental, feminist retelling of Greek myth


A brilliant examination of sisterhood for the modern times when your children begin to become your parents.

Dead Equal

A stirring and surprising operatic treat.

Dead Parent’s Society

A self help group for those in bereavement that struggles but tries to do its best in explain why it’s necessary


A fascinating one woman portrait of a family in crisis

Fempire: Mess

delightfully madcap

I’m Non Typical, Typical

Moving and powerful dance, physical theatre and the spoken word from this diverse company

If You’re Feeling Sinister: A Play with Songs

A concept album turned into a compelling performance, with the concept of what would be the biggest art theft in the history of Glasgow; had they pulled it off.

Islander: A New Musical

A haunting and highly evocative telling of the misty islands of Scotland told in an enchanting musical production.

It’s Beautiful, Over There

An interesting exploration of loss and grief

I’m A Phoenix, Bitch

Guy Masterson finds the perfect show...


Jewish princess marries Cuban Catholic in Florida with hilarious and occasionally painful results

Leave a Message

A witty exploration of a difficult personal experience


A two handed piece of devastating theatre which brings joy in the face of real challenge.


An admirable attempt at showing us the effects of mental ill health on young people

Mimi Hayes: I’ll be OK

A harrowing tale about dealing with the breakdown of both relationships...and her own body.


Visceral performance of heartbreak from an exciting theatre maker


Uncomfortable confrontation with a murderess.

Pizza Shop Heroes

Celebratory, authentic, necessary


Hard hitting theatre for adults, exploring addiction in stunning new play from award winning playwright.

Psycho Drama Queen

An intense look at how being someone else is not always the escape you hope it will be.


Sary is a two handed based loosely on the tale of Sary Weaver from around the 1800s. This original writing from Sam Chittenden takes inspiration from this tale, uses the evocative and visually rich dialects of Sussex at this time.

Seasoned Professionals

A proper dose of light hearted fun delivered with tremendous panache

Such Filthy F*cks

A richly explored two hander about the taboo of one handed hobbies.


A dreamy piece of theatre combining storytelling, live music and visuals exploring grief, swimming and friendship.


A chilling glimpse into the world of a little known but influential woman from the Nazi era.


Compelling, meaningful, poignant, dynamic, entertaining, well-crafted and well-performed solo play

The Brunch Club

A hit and miss look at what achieving a certain age now is like, given the clique culture in post war Britain

The House of Influenza

A solo show of many zany characters exploring what one might do in a suburban zombie attack if an over indulgence in horror movies is your only frame of reference

The Ladies Room

A thoroughly absorbing hour enjoying seeing the work that goes into producing a radio drama for BBC Radio 3

The Red

Marcus Brigstocke writes and directs this bittersweet drama of family and addiction, based on his own recovery.

The Trojans

Profound, arresting, moving

The Voices We Hear

A moving and intimate exploration of life and connection after an apocalypse in a unique zero waste venue

The Words Are There

Imaginative and impactful physical storytelling

White Girls

An innovative and original insight into volunteering in the jungle of Calais and how naivete turns through experience into knowledge; a journey we all benefit from.

Your Sexts Are Shit: Older Better Letters

Don’t take your Nan to this show.