Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2021

Cheryl Martin – One Woman

Moving verbal and visual storytelling


A mix of stand up and confessional which is funny and tragic in almost equal measure.

Elsa McTaggart : When The World Stood Still

Foot tapping tunes emerge from a surreal lockdown experience.

Mr. Dilly’s Alice in Wonderland

An entertaining and standard retelling of a classic online.

Shakespeare’s Fool

Will ‘Cavaleiro’ Kempe – the jester who was nobody’s fool


Bravura storytelling about fantasy and family from the perspective of a homeless man in Ireland

The Man Who Planted Trees

A must-see performance of a moving and timely story told by two men and a dog- an inventive treat for adults as well as kids

The Power of Silence

Memories, imagery, tender and searing recollections - it creeps up on you!

Yin Wee Ceilidh

Braw. Simply braw.