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3-13th September 2015

Welcome to our Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam page. Here you’ll find recommendations for shows and events.

“I saw a couple of shows at the Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam in 2014. The Festival has a lovely low-key feel and yet has all the spirit of free fringe in Edinburgh or Brighton. There’s a much wider variety of experimental work in this Free Fringe compared to other Free Fringe Festivals we cover. “(Paul levy, editor, FringeReview)

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Our Recommendations

Theatre Must See:



by Terry Dineen
at The Hellfire Club
Sunday 13th September, from 20:00

In this performance a woman gives birth to a new version of herself. The full production premiered at the Bröllin Theatre Laboratory, Berlin in 2002. Through recorded text, words, music, dance and mask the creature struggles to find it’s place and meaning in the world.
Terry Dineen has worked with Irish theatre companies Macnas, Dowtcha Puppets, Croí Glan and Corcadorca. In NYC she trained in physical theatre and was active in the East Village performance scene in the 80’s. She is a founding member of the ‘Cat’s Head’, warehouse Art Event that spearheaded the Immersionist movement in Williamsburg Brooklyn. In Berlin in the 90’s she wrote Esther a punk performance that played Berlin theatres and Art houses. In 2007 she wrote Macnas, Joyful Abandonment published by Liffey Press.


Physical Theatre Choice

Bi the Bi

by Blazing Change Players
Friday 11
th September, 20:30
Saturday 12
th September, 20:30
& Sunday 13
th September, 15:00


Told through a series of fifteen vignettes using a cohesion of modern dance, physicalized movement and spoken word, By the Bi unpacks society’s isolation of bisexual culture and examines how this perpetuates harmful and hurtful stereotypes of bisexuality that include confusion, greediness and promiscuity. By the Bi is an open platform to discuss the oppression of the bisexual community as well as celebrate the beauty and individuality of its members. It is not only a show, but a proactive step forward in the movement for social equality.”


Focus on Butoh



by Ezio Tangini

Thursday 10th September, 19:00

“The performance uses memoires buried in the asylum, the landscape, the city and its culture. These memories, the creativity, the suffering and the madness are deposited in these places as treasures and register in our spirit. The performer aims to stir consciousness and direct the sensitivity of the audience to that part of humanity which is denied.
Ezio was born in Urbania (Pesaro), Italy, and lives in Rome. He was educated in Foreign Literatures at the University La Sapienza of Rome and worked with the contemporary dance laboratory of Alessandra Sini. Since 2003, Ezio has been a member of the Butoh company In Between.”

About Butoh: “Common features of the art form include playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and it is traditionally performed in white body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion. However, with time butoh groups are increasingly being formed around the world, with their various aesthetic ideals and intentions.” (source)


Dance Choice:



by Irina Baldini

Saturday 12th September, 22:00

The Hellfire Club
Sunday 13th September from 20:00

The performance existed and is no longer there. It exists in the traces of something that will not be. It will not be nostalgic, it will not be a memory, it will not be a representation, it will not be a documentation, it will not be a recreation, it will not be a reproduction, it will not be longing for the past,  it will not be what it’s not Italian/Finnish dancer and maker, Irina Baldini is inspired by change, by circumstances, by a fight against coherency. She trained in Classical and Contemporary Dance at the Florence Dance Center, Italy, and in Contact Improvisation, Release work, Cunningham and Graham techniques  at The Laban Centre in London.


Theatre Poetry Must See

THE LONELY POET (or : The Pleonasm)

We saw this show in Edinburgh and really enjoyed it. Read our review.


Written and performed by Tim Honnef
Friday 11th September, 20:00

Everybody thinks that I’m lonely. Lonely because I spent the last seven years of my life in the basement of my grandfather’s house. Lonely because they think that I refuse to talk to anyone. Lonely because I run away when the postman arrives. But mainly because they all think that loneliness must be something that runs through my family and therefore through my blood and my veins and everything. Or something like that. But boy, are they wrong. So f*cking wrong. Solo show (well, kind of).
Poetry. Theatre. You. Yeah you. You, you, you.


Storytelling choice:



Spindlevine Presents :
Friday 11th September,20:00

a storytelling of the Spanish Revolution with Dolan Jones and Sam Morris

As Spain erupts in civil war and revolution, two brothers tell each other stories to help explain the changing world around them. Their mythologies swiftly unravel, and when the civil war within the anti-fascist resistance tears them apart, they risk facing each other across the barricades.
Spindlvine, a collective of storytellers and musicians based in Amsterdam, will travel for food.
Be warned: you might THINK you are not interested in stories, and try to pass by, but like vines, our tales spin themselves around you. You’ll be stuck. You won’t be able to go anywhere until you’ve listened all the way through!




by AstaroTheatro Collective

“Come dressed as an animal and win surprises!”

Friday 4th September, 20:30
Double Bill with Words, Words, Words


& Saturday 12th September, 20:30

Presenting stories of the human condition; vanity, greed, freedom, power and empathy as found in Aesop’s animal fables
with a twist!

CAST : Gabriella Sacco, Silvia Terribili, Roberto Bacchilega

LIGHTING & SOUND : Massimiliano Pipolo
INFO : astarotheatro.com


I want to see … at Free Fringe Amsterdam


Our quirky and intuitive show and event finding tool

I want to see…

… Aesop’s Fables with a twist. Then see Humanimal

… some great multi-instrumental  live music. Then see MAARTJE TEUSSINK

… some very adult comedy. Then see THE TOURVEL AFFAIRS

… some hip hop. Then see YO SOY GHETTI

… some miniature object theatre. Then see THE JOURNAL

… some stand up comedy. Then see PLANES, DAMES & AUTOMOHEELS

… something about Karl Marx. Then see MARX IS BACK

… some Samuel Beckett. Then see CASCANDO & 2 FIZZLES

… some children’s puppet theatre. Then see THE GRUFFALO

… a dance piece. Then see SYMPTOM

… a tribute to Emily Dickinson. Then see ODD TO LOVE : A Tribute to Emily Dickinson

… a documentary film. Then see The Land Between

… some Bouffon clown. Then see FEIC

… some music with self-built instruments. Then see AQUATRONIXXX

More will be added during the Fringe.



Frederik Hendrikstraat 111
1052 HN,Amsterdam
Tel : +31 (20)7744922

If you live in Amsterdam you’re bound to know of De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam’s finest underground music venue and cool nightspot with an eclectic line-up of live entertainment, exhibitions, movie nights and dance parties. The club is split into two levels and features a well-stocked bar, nice eats and a warm friendly atmosphere.

Sint Jansstraat 37
1012 HG Amsterdam
Tel: 06 2538 2491

When the arts decide to go on anyway, anyhow, experimenting,
innovating and inspiring,
when theatre, music and artistic expression stand for cultural resistance, Astarotheatro is the place to be.
International Theatre, Italian Theatre, Open Podium, talented artists, crazy acts, music, sense, nonsense and sensation.

Amsterdam’s Smallest Theatre – with big ambitions.

An intimate free space for everybody

Vondelpark 8a (in de brug)
1071 AA Amsterdam

De Vondelbunker is located in Amsterdam’s picturesque Vondel Park, set into the bridge with tram 3 rumbling overhead. It was constructed  as an atoomschuilkelder (nuclear fallout shelter) in 1947. In 1968 this space became home to Amsterdam’s first ultra hip cool youth centre, Beatkelder Lijn 3 and in 2011 a new ‘refuge’ was established there.
De Vondelbunker is now home to exhibitions, film and discussion evenings, creative and activist projects co-ordinated by the volunteers of Stichting Nulpunt and cultural collective, Schijnheilig. All events are free and open to the public.De Vondelbunker entrance is located at the furthest right entrance of the bridge.

Oudeschans 10d

Speeltuin de Waag is a local playground in the Nieuwmarkt district of Amsterdam. The playground is run by parents and volunteers.
Drop by some time for a cup of coffee. We’d love to see you!

This year, we have our Open Day on Saturday 12th September with free fun activities for children all day.

OT301 (ground floor)
Overtoom 301
1054HW Amsterdam
Tel : 06 17959976 (Irina)

4bid Gallery’s mission statement is to develop temporary cultures processing interlinking fields of knowledge and comprehension
through arts and culture.
“We think that art and culture, when approached critically, have a positive impact on society. We attempt to bringing consciousness about the current social situation by sharing and distributing knowledge through development of temporary culture, a culture that is dynamic and evolves as we speak.”
4bid programmes graphic and performance arts. Its ongoing programme of regular events and exhibitions take place at its
ground floor space in OT301.
Curators: Giacomo Cardoni & Irina Baldini

FACEBOOK : 4bidgallery