Float around Covert Firmament

Covert Firmament – A collection of experiences for those seeking the sensational.


Covert Firmament is as eclectic as they come. Inside you’ll find a multi-disciplinary production of The Duchess of Malfi, short plays, spoken word, musical composition, and movies. 

There’s no rhyme or reason there’s no organizing principle. We invite you to strap on your spacesuit and float around in our universe. Perhaps you like circus? We have an award winning Jacobean Drama set in a circus – recorded and edited live from the West End. Or maybe you enjoy spoken word and composition? We have some ripping yarns set to music alongside a selection of apercu that act like literary shots of espresso. Or you get your thrills from indie film? We present multiple award winning movies that bend your mind – a real experience.

In all instances these are works made to help you feel – they are provoking and sensational.

The Duchess of Malfi is a darkly unsettling play that smolders with sensuality in a world where passion is forbidden. A story about choosing love and the nightmare it unleashes.

Hudi – tells the story of a young artist under the influence of a demon brokering her soul.

Skinjacker – is a romance set during an apocalypse.

Better Angels – is a Guerilla Chiller set on the streets of Camden.

We also present several one act plays from our archive. You might want to enter a world where the pursuit of perfection drives a seductive evil: Still I See My Baby – or get to grips with the aftermath of a war where ending conflict responsibly seems too far away: Face the Camera and Smile – or perhaps enter the mind of a woman looking for a reason her foster child leapt: The Heart the Past and the Long Long Sleep.

The range of ideas and themes and the collection of talent collaborating on the works marks out Covert Firmament as an adults adventure playground: the stories here are for the brave and adventurous.

Join us and choose your experience: we’re here to move you.