Gavin Robertson’s Top Five Recommended Solo Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019







Gavin Robertson is an award-winning actor, poet and physical theatre maker and performer. He shares his recommendations for solo theatre with FringeReview. Gavin is here at Edfringe 2019 with his own solo show, Stand-up Poet.

Gavin: Here’s my top 5 picks of the solo shows on offer at Edinburgh Fringe – by
instinct, intuition or because I’ve seen them before!


1 “Collapsible” – Margaret Perry

image of event

I haven’t seen it, but I’m going on intuition here – strong
writing promised, here from being at Vault in London earlier,
with an LGBT theme…


2 “Too Pretty To Punch” – Edalia Day

image of event

Another instinctive pick, that I first got wind of via a tweet (so
keep up your social media!) With projection mapping, Lecoq
background, I’ll certainly be going to this LGBT-themed piece
that also calls itself ‘Spoken Word’ – blurred lines – even


3 “Dalloway” – Dyad Theatre

image of event

This one I can recommend because I’ve seen it! Rebecca
Vaughan’s always-watchable solo performances here taking
Elton Townend-Jones’ adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel and
painting portraits of characters for your imagination…


4 “And Before I Forget I Love You – I Love You” – Pip Utton

image of event

I missed this last year so I’m eager to catch it, and I’m pushing
it your way because I have seen previous shows “Churchill”,
“Dickens” and “Adolf” (which he’s also doing). Word is to “take
a hanky” so promises a reaction.


5 “A Migrant’s Son” – Michaela Burger

image of event

I was aware of this show on the themes of immigration when in
Adelaide this March. Comes highly praised from Australia, and
intriguing to see it classified as both “immersive” and “musical
theatre”. Take a chance?

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