Greg Byron’s Top 5 ‘Spoken Word’ shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019








So firstly I should probably declare that I’m performing myself (“Stand-Up Poet” – that’s that done) but having been asked by FringeReview to push some shows your way, here’s my top five, based on intuition, instinct, piqued interest or because I’ve seen it before!

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And here is Greg’s Top Five…

1 “The Empathy Experiment” – Rose Condo

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You could do worse than just watch the trailer at – a day without any mobile device, could you do it? Just seems quirky and on a theme that’s fascinating, “empathy”.


2 “Loud Poets” – Best of Fringe

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Now these folk I’ve seen before – they’re in their usual venue, and run a monthly night in Edinburgh all year so I’m happy to recommend from personal experience, and you’d best book, because they’re well-attended. Guests, music and darn good verse!


3 “I Am 10,000 Days” – Harry Baker

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So I first caught Harry Baker via his TED talk (like many others) and his “Prime Numbers” poem. Experienced and nuanced, this show looks like being full of numbers, including audience, so book ahead. And check the trailer at


4 “#Girlhood” – Cat Hepburn

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So this is a choice just by intuition and subject matter. Maybe a few of us guys should go get a girl’s perspective? An adaptation of her own published poetry collection.


5 “The Good, The Bad And the Brexit” – Geoffrey Brown

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I’ll declare I know zip about this other than as someone who was motivated to start writing poetry by the state of the world myself, Brexit’s right there! So, an Australian ex-pat’s view might even be edifying!

“Describing Greg Byron as a ‘Spoken Word’ performer, or even ‘Poet’ is like calling Bill Bailey “a musician who tells jokes” or Winston Churchill as “a politician who smokes” – not technically incorrect but it doesn’t tell you the whole, and far more interesting’ story. It’s like watching John Cooper Clarke snog John Hegley while Pam Ayres watches…” BBC Radio

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