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The Amsterdam Fringe Top Ten

Here is the FringeReview top ten and other recommendations for Amsterdam Fringe 2014…
The top-ten are all “language no problem” shows.
An award-winning production from South Africa, “Crazy in Love is a paean to love’s ensuing madness and also an explosive reminder of all the power and playfulness of live theatre. “
“Nominated for the Digital/Online Content production at the Welsh Critics Awards and the Prague Fringe Creative Award, Almost Human’s work intertwines the technical with the living, moving between digital and live space in real time to create performance that exists somewhere in between film, theatre and installation.”
“Last year OLD SOUND ROOM performed Machine Makes Man at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and won the Best international performance award. They have traveled the show and recently played at Grahamstown National Arts Festival (World Fringe Alliance member) in South Africa and received rave reviews there too.”
“In The Dahmer syndrome director Øystein Johansen dissects the mechanisms of cruelty and explores the relationship between sexuality and perversion, and between observation and voyeurism.”
“Two actors; six characters. Two brothers; one hero. A media war. And an extremist. Vivien von Abendorff (UK) in co-production with National Theatre Sterija, Vršac (Serbia) bring you the premiere of a playful adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s ‘Antigone’.”
“Hyperpotamus makes use of his ‘one-man-band’ status to spread the word in the most extraordinary and remote places on earth. Unmindful of trends or pose, he continues to make headway through the sheer might of his music, relying on nothing more than heart, sweat and joie de vivre. A spectacle not be missed, Hyperpotamus will spare you the tedium of revisiting the usual stage antics.”
“Siembamba looks at how the domestic worker simultaneously is and is not part of the family, and also asks questions about the social and political complexities of this intimate relationship in the 1980s and 1990s. Produced by the award-winning collective Rust Co-Operative.”
“HERE NOW is about a man who is obsessed by details. The audience is captivated by his absurd little world. His obsessions can be funny sometimes, and are often surprisingly recognisable. HERE NOW is the first dance performance to be put on the stage at the beautiful seventeenth century mansion that is the home of the Van Loon Museum. “
“NearlyNotNothing:  in the middle of the street you meet three women caught in their own world. Uncomfortable and lonely, they seek to approach one another. Apprehension makes them falter, curiosity gives them strength. Little by little they conquer the street with a sudden rush of motion, breakneck speed and feminine seduction. “
“Nakhane Toure is a restless soul on a mission to make sense of the world with his songs. You can hear his whirring mind in his bewitching lyrics, which ask more questions than they answer. In his high, haunting vocals, you’ll hear an artist not afraid to expose himself. And in the vast range of styles that come naturally to Toure, you’ll find a young man who makes music not for fame, but because it is the best way he knows to express his emotions.”
Adelaide Hit must see:
“Some people think that buskers are nothing more than beggars disrupting the peace, while others spend countless hours seeking out new performers, thriving on the music and other art around every corner. Everyone sees street artists differently. But what’s it like from the other side of the street? What’s it like to be the performer?”
For Dutch speakers. Our recommendations...
“In Ziersdorf, een klein dorp in de buurt van Wenen, wordt in 1879 een zekere Frans geboren, die uiteindelijk zal uitgroeien tot een man die niet alleen in het bezit is van een opzienbarende persoonlijkheid, maar die ook een leven zal leiden dat ons allen in de moderne samenleving van vandaag de dag tot lering kan strekken. “
Gefascineerd door het leven van de danser Vaslav Nijinski ontmoet acteur Jorrit Ruijs de danser Rafael Zielinski. In Het temmen van de faun verbeelden zij samen de droom om de ultieme staat te bereiken, waarin je jezelf en een ander liefhebt. Een droom over overgave, waarin de één kan kijken naar de ander, om zichzelf te zien.
Geïnspireerd door het toneelstuk De mensenhater van Molière gaan Alink & Plukaard op zoek naar eerlijkheid. In hoeverre moet je altijd eerlijk zijn? En in welke gevallen is het beter om je mond te houden? Kan je ook té eerlijk zijn? In een tijd van schone schijn, plastische chirurgie en het maakbare leven aan de ene kant, en grenzeloze openhartigheid, live bevallingen op tv en tot kunst verheven gebruikte tampons aan de andere kant ontstaat de vraag: wat moet je delen en wat is privé? Wat is nep, wat is echt? Wat is eerlijk? 
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