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Welcome to the FringeReview Newswire – the top breaking news at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, all in one easily accessible place.

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29 July – The best free shows and events at the Fringe (Scottish Daily Record)

29 July – Edinburgh’s festivals generate £313m for Scotland (Arts Professional)

28 July – North Berwick’s “Fringe by the Sea” Returns For Ninth Year (Edinburgh Guide)

27 July – Ultimate Guide to the Fringe (Daily Record)

26 July – 15 Sure-fire hits at the Fringe (The Guardian)

26 July – Value of Edinburgh’s festival soars to £313m in five years (The Scotsman)

26 July – Edinburgh’s festival audiences are ‘on a par’ with FIFA World Cup (The Stage)

21 July – 21 unmissable shows for kids and the family (The Guardian)

21 July –Chilcot’s 6,000-page report becomes Edinburgh festival fringe event (The Guardian)

21 July – The 12 most promising shows at this year’s Fringe and International Festivals (The Independent)

8 June – Programme unveiled (BBC)

8 June – Number of shows dips (Scotsman)

8 June – Programme launched (Chortle) and here (Herald)

7 June – Traverse programme announced (The Stage)

16 May – Arts my refuge from the Troubles, says new Edinburgh Fringe boss (Belfast Telegraph)

11 May – New Edinburgh Fringe boss pledges ‘year of interrogation’ (the Stage)

11 May – Free spirit: new chief executive of Fringe committed to ‘open access’ (Sunday Times)

13 Jan – New Chief Executive appointed (BBC)

12 Jan – Edinburgh Festival Fringe appoints new chief executive (The Scotsman)

12 Jan – Edinburgh Fringe gets a new chief executive (Chortle)

12 Jan – Shona McCarthy unveiled as new chief executive of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society (A Younger Theatre)




25 Aug – Funniest joke(s) of the Fringe (The Guardian) and here (The Evening Standard)

25 Aug – Assembly Rooms out to tender (the Stage)

25 Aug – Fears over Assembly Rooms future (Edinburgh Evening News) and founder warns over shake-up (The Scotsman)

25 Aug – Tommy Sheppard wants Fringe to match school holidays (The Scotsman)

24 Aug – Why isn’t Fringe comedy more Scottish? (The Guardian)

20 Aug – Do theatre companies put too much faith in the Edinburgh effect? (The Guardian)

17 Aug – Edinburgh Fringe booms as ticket sales up a third (The Scotsman)

13 Aug – At the Edinburgh Fringe, it’s now the comics who are calling for censorship (The Telegraph)

13 Aug – Edinburgh Fringe: why up-and-coming comedians are making serious bucks (Evening Standard)

4 Aug – The cost of staging an Edinburgh fringe show: artists open their account books (The Guardian)

2 Aug – Edinburgh Fringe 2015 round up: The best of what’s on (The Independent)

31 July – Fringe Sustainable Practice Award longlist is revealed (The List)

31 July – Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Which Welsh companies are heading to the world famous festival? (Wales Online)

30 July – Disabled artists take centre stage at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Disability Arts Online)

30 July – An expat decodes the Fringe (Wall Street Journal)

27 July – Fraud at the Fringe? (Evening News) and here (The Stage) and here (STV)  and here (Chortle) and here (BBC) and here (Herald)

24 July – Old Town Arches to host fringe shows (The Scotsman)

23 July – How To Survive Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Look)

15 July – Five Things Edinburgh Fringe Performers Will Be Panicking About Right Now (Huffington Post)

15 July – Where to stay (The Independent)

13 July – Bryony Kimmings to give opening Edinburgh Fringe address  (What’s On Stage)

13 July – Edinburgh Fringe launches record line-up (TNT Magazine)

26 June – 10 comedy acts to watch (The Guardian)

26 June – 10 best things to see at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (Radio Times)

7 June – Barriers still hamper the Fringe (The Scotsman)

6 June – Jupitus hits out at unaffordable Fringe (Daily Record)

4 June – Top picks (The Scotsman)

4 June – Edinburgh fringe festival 2015: what to see and where to go (The Guardian)

4 June – Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme launches with 3300 shows (STV)

4 June – Fringe 2015 Biggest Fringe Ever – Again (Edinburgh Guide)

4 June – Edinburgh fringe 2015 lineup: grab your chance to see theatre’s future (The Guardian)

4 June – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 programme launched (The Scotsman)

4 June – Edinburgh Festival Fringe launches biggest ever line-up (BBC)

4 June – Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Eminem, Annie Lennox and the Beatles inspired shows at this year’s event (Daily Record)

4 June – Edinburgh festival fringe launches record-breaking 2015 programme (The Guardian)

4 June – Edinburgh Fringe productions up 3.8% (The Stage)

4 June – Programme launched for 2015 Edinburgh Fringe (What’s On Stage)

4 June – Fringe has the world at its feet (The Times)

4 June – Edinburgh Fringe programme published (Chortle)

4 June – Edinburgh Fringe Will Be Biggest Ever (New York Times)


Free Fringe-gate – Latest4 June – This mucky affair has damaged the free model (Chortle)4 June – Doubt cast on the legality of PBH Free Fringe contracts at Edinburgh Fringe (John Fleming)3 June – Performers at ‘free’ Edinburgh Fringe venues could lose estimated £77,000 (John Fleming)3 June – ‘Cowgatehead is no longer our venue’ (Chortle)3 June – No laughing matter: Comedians to lose money as Edinburgh Fringe venue caught in ‘tug of war’ (The Mirror)2 June – Madness in Edinburgh – It’s not only comics who have psychotic interludes (John Fleming)

1 June – We WILL try to fix thisFringe vow as hundreds sign Cowgatehead petition (Chortle)

26 May – Fringe Society silent on Cowgatehead ‘freeasco’ (Chortle)

25 May – Fringe freeasco: Rescue deal torpedoed (Chortle)

26 May – New Freestival & Free Fringe words – Cowgatehead Chaos Beyond Our Kens  (John Fleming)

25 May – Edinburgh Fringe Cowgatehead chaos continues: Free Fringe rejections start (John Fleming)

25 May – New deal to fix Fringe’s Cowgatehead crisisFreestival puts a solution on the table (Chortle)

24 May – Venue chaos at the Edinburgh Fringe (yet again). What have they said so far?  (John Fleming)

24 May – Free Fringe row puts shows at Cowgatehead venue at risk of cancellation (The National)

23 May – Fringe chaos: Freestival respond (Chortle)

22 May – Can we end this brutal Fringe Free-for-all (Chortle)

21 May – Chaos at the Fringe (Chortle)



26 May – “Big Four” Launch Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Programme (Edinburgh Guide)

21 May – Made in Scotland launches 2015 Fringe programme (Edinburgh Guide)

20 May – Improbable but true: The Edinburgh Fringe ‘Big Four’ venues are not so big (John Fleming)

15 May – ‘Embracing the chaos’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Business Reporter)

13 May – Richard Herring: Edinburgh holds no Fringe benefits (Metro)

13 May – Richard Herring won’t be at Edinburgh Fringe: ‘It’s an over-crowded marketplace’ (Digital Spy)

13 May – Richard Herring: Why I’m skipping Edinburgh (Chortle)

7 May – Edinburgh Fringe Gets Circus Hub But I’d Rather See Some Lions (Huffington Post)

29 April – Underbelly creates Circus Hub for Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (The Stage)

28 April – Edinburgh fringe brings the circus to town – but with no clowning around (The Guardian) (More here)

9 Mar – Chosen Edinburgh Fringe campsite is eight miles from city centre (The Stage)

27 Feb – Edinburgh Fringe Festival names Mediacom Edinburgh as media agency (The Drum)

26 Feb – Ladyboys lose Edinburgh fringe site to Underbelly (The Stage)

2 Feb – Ladyboys of Bangkok to quit Edinburgh Fringe (Edinburgh Evening News)

20 Jan – Fringe Offers Chance for Young Artists to Reach Thousands (Edinburgh Guide)

15 Jan – Edinburgh Fringe Udderbelly to leave Bristo Square (Edinburgh Evening News) and here (Edinburgh Reporter)

14 Jan – Big campsite plan at Inch for Edinburgh Fringe (Edinburgh Evening News)



19 August 2014: Fringe hailed as best ever (Edinburgh Evening News)

16 August 2014: Fringe’s 60 best one-liners (Independent)

15 August 2014: Have Scottish Nationalists taken over the Fringe (Telegraph)

15 August 2014: Where have all the critics gone? (The Guardian)

13 August 2014: Does Size Matter? (The Guardian)

11 August 2014: Comedy awards (The Guardian)

9 August 2014: Still nowhere funnier than the Fringe (Telegraph)

6 August 2014: Israeli group given up? (The Scotsman)

2 August 2014: Referendum takes centre stage (Sky News)

1 August 2014: Israeli performances cancelled (The Guardian) and here (The Scotsman)

1 August 2014: Yes voters upstage no voters at Fringe (FT)

1 August 2014:Venue changes at Freestival (Freestival)

1 August 2014: Fringe begins (BBC)

1 August 2014: Shows to watch (The Independent)

1 August 2014: Fringe begins (The Scotsman)

31 July 2014: Stand-up Fringe hell (The Guardian)

29 July 2014: Free spirit of the fringe alive (The Guardian)

25 July 2014: Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide (The Stage)

24 July 2014: Ones to Watch (Digital Spy)

22 July 2014: A Guide to Surviving the Fringe (The Scotsman)

19 July 2014: Late night trams ruled out for Fringe (Evening News)

17 July 2014: Fringe shows in cinemas! (The Guardian)

13 June 2014: Fringe boss surprised by CBE (BBC)

6 June 2014: 12 of the best hot ticket shows (The Scotsman) and here, breaks the 3,000 mark (The Scotsman)

6 June 2014: Over 50,000 performances (Digital Spy)

6 June 2014: Fringe takes over many venues (Reuters)

6 June 2014: Made in Scotland launched programme (The Stage)

5 June 2014: Politics and conflict at the Fringe (The Scotsman)

5 June 2014: Biggest Ever Line-up (BBC) and here (Herald)

5 June 2014: Lyn Gardner’s Hot Tickets (The Guardian)

5 June 2014: Scottish Independence Debate will reach Fringe (New York Times)

5 June 2014: Fringe is many things to many people (STV)

5 June 2014: Fringe to be biggest in history (The Guardian)

5 June 2014: Programme Launched (Edinburgh Guide)

5 June 2014: The Brunton programme announced (Edinburgh Guide)

4 June 2014: Summerhall announce their programme (Edinburgh Reporter) and here 6th June (Edinburgh Guide)

4 June 2014: Traverse announces programme (Edinburgh Guide)

28 May 2014: Made in Scotland line-up (BBC)

23 May 2014: Assembly Rooms programme launched (Edinburgh Guide)

19 May 2014: Line-up revealed (The Scotsman)

19 May 2014: How August is Shaping Up (STV)

18 May 2014: Lack of combined effort at the Fringe (The Scotsman)

12 May 2014: Underbelly programme launched (Edinburgh Reporter)

21 Mar 2014: Comedy Festival Bows Out of Fringe (The Scotsman) and here (Chortle)

14 Mar 2014: Free city-wide Wifi in place for Fringe (Edinburgh Evening News)



27 Aug 2013: Over 2 million attend Fringe (What’s On Stage)

27 Aug 2013: Record Fringe draws to a close (Herald) and here (Edinburgh Guide)

26 Aug 2013: Coogan bemoans Fringe commercialisation (Scotsman)

26 Aug 2013: Final Ticket sales up (BBC) and here (Independent) and here (Evening News) and here (Guardian) and here (STV) and here (Daily Record) and here (Herald) and here (Event Magazine) but average attendance down (The Stage)

26 Aug 2013: I didn’t play Edinburgh (Chortle)

26 Aug 2013: The cost of performing at the Fringe (BBC)

25 Aug 2013: A feel-good Festival (Scotsman)

25 Aug 2013:Several venues report record sales (Scotland on Sunday)

25 Aug 2013: Assembly Rooms report record year. (Edinburgh Reporter)

24 Aug 2013: Comedy Award winners (BBC)

23 Aug 2013: Tickets too Expensive ? (The Stage)

21 Aug 2013: Cancer of High Fringe costs (Scotsman)

13 Aug 2013: Why so many performersare joining the Free Fringe (The Scotsman)

13 Aug 2013: Cheap and nasty Edinburgh doesn’t deserve the Fringe (Evening News)

11 Aug 2013: Ticket sales up (BBC)

5 Aug 2013: Evening News to use 7 star rating system (The Scotsman)

5 Aug 2013: Free Fringe Boss hits back at second rate claims (The Scotsman)

5 Aug 2013: Nica Burns says comedy still strong (The Scotsman)

5 Aug 2013: Hundreds queue to pitch to the media (The Scotsman)

4 Aug 2013: High rents are a threat to the Fringe (The Scotsman)

2 Aug 2013: Ravenhill call to snub public cash (The Scotsman)

1 Aug 2013: George Street to become epicentre? (The Scotsman)

30 July 2013: Insiders’ Guide to the Fringe (BBC)

30 July 2013: Class wars don’t describe Fringe (The Scotsman)

29 July 2013: Are the big names stealing the show again? (The Guardian)

29 July 2013: Comedy Critics’ Hot Tickets (Huffington Post)

29 July 2013: Fosters to sponsor comedy awards (The Drum)

28 July 2013: Music has a new home at the Fringe (The Scotsman)

28 July 2013: Izzard brings more international comedians to the Fringe (Chortle) and (The Guardian)

28 July 2013: App cuts typing for Fringe goers (The Scotsman)

27 July 2013: Edinburgh Fringe is not just about comedy (The Scotsman)

26 July 2013: Promoter rejects elitism claims (The Scotsman)

24 July 2013: Director claims Fringe is elitist (The Scotsman)

22 July 2013: Top Australian Acts at the Fringe (Australian Times)

18 July 2013: Scotrail lays on more trains (BBC)

15 July 2013: Critics’ Fringe picks (The Guardian)

10 July 2013: Lecture to open Fringe (Scotsman)

9 July 2013: The List’s best bribes (The List)

9 July 2013: Liam Rudden’s Top Ten (Evening News)

4 July 2013: George Street Traffic Ban (Evening News)

22 June 2013: BBC Unveils Fringe coverage (Chortle)

22 June 2013: Pleasance Courtyard Preview (Good Review)

8 June 2013: Portrait Gallery to host shows (The Scotsman)

6 June 2013: Lyn Gardner’s Top Tips (The Guardian)

2 June 2013 Get with the programme (Scotland on Sunday)

31 May 2013: Top Ten must see Fringe shows (The Scotsman)

30 May 2013: Shows up by 6.5 per cent (Chortle)

30 May 2013: Bigger,better, brighter (Edinburgh Reporter)

30 May 2013: Bigger than ever (The Times)

30 May 2013: Edinburgh line-up announced (The Guardian)

28 May 2013: Insitut Francais Vive le Fringe (All Media Scotland)

24 May 2013: George Street THE place to be (Edinburgh Guide)

18 May 2013: Saville show outrage (Scottish Express)

17 May 2013: Spiegel Terrace makes a return (The Stage)

17 May 2013: The man who stole the awards idea (Chortle)

15 May 2013: Made in Scotland show details (The Scotsman) and here (Edinburgh Guide)

11 May 2013: BBC Jobs snub to Scotland (Herald)

9 May 2013: Fringe defends early ticket sales (The Scotsman)

4 May 2013: Fringe warning over venue high fees (The Scotsman)

2 May 2013: Undebelly to run topside venue (The Scotsman)

26 April 2013: Fountain Brewery to become Fringe hub (The Scotsman)

26 April 2013: Former Fringe director heads to London (Event Industry News)

24 April 2013: British Council announces showcase (The Guardian)

24 April 2013: Deuchars renews Fringe sponsorship (The Scotsman)

22 April 2013: Bongo club venue relaunch (STV)

27 Feb 2013: McEwan Hall makes a Fringe return (The Scotsman)

26 Feb 2013: Calls to Ban Ladyboys of Bangkok from the Meadows (The Scotsman)

2 Feb 2013: George St as Cultural Corridor ? (The Scotsman)


13 June 2012: Drama Awards Return (Evening News)

13 July 2012: 50 Recommedations (The Scotsman)

11 July 2012: Home grown talent (The List)

11 July 2012: Music Highlights, Kids’ Highlights,  and Dance Highlights (the List)

0 July 2012: Edinburgh picks (Such small portions)

29 June 2012: New campaign to promote Scotland (The Scotsman)

28 June 2012: Assembly Rooms set to reopen (STV)

28 June 2012: The secret to marketing a fringe show (Chortle)

28 June 2012: Assembly Rooms Refurbished (Press Association)

27 June 2012: The Fringe’s newest award (Three Weeks)

26 June 2012: Michael McIntyre charges £31 for unfinished show at Edinburgh fringe‎ (The Guardian) and here (The List) and here (Chortle) and here (Three Weeks)25 June 2012: The Countdown Begins (The Stage)

22 June 2012: Bongo Club wins stay of execution (The Stage)

22 June 2012: More shows than ever eligible for comedy award (Three Weeks) and here (The Guardian)

21 June 2012: Has Edinburgh Dodged the Olympic Bullet? (Chortle)

21 June 2012: New Iphone and Android apps (Broadway World)

14 June 2012: The quantification of controversy (The Guardian) and here (Three Weeks)

14 June 2012: Cabaret gets its own award (STV)

11 June 2012: Scotrail to extend timetable (The Scotsman)

8 June 2012: Fringe tickets on sale in Glasgow (The Scotsman)

8 June 2012: More late trains (STV)

6 June 2012: London’s Edinburgh Fringe Previews (Londonist)

5 June 2012: Brochure bans swear words ? (Minuteman Press)

1 June 2012: Fringe grows by 6% (Edinburghguide)

1 June 2012: Fringe blasted over unpaid interns (Evening News)

1 June 2012: Alex Salmond naked and other oddities (The Scotsman)

1 June 2012: Lyn Gardner’s early tips (The Guardian)

1 June 2012 Creative Scotland needs to win back artists’ trust (The Scotsman)

1 June 2012: Fringe gets the Hoff (The Guardian)

1 June 2012: BBC set for Edinburgh Fringe (Easier.com)

1 June 2012: Edinburgh a respite in tough times (Toronto Sun)

1 June 2012: Record number of shows (BBC) and Record Line-up (Press Association)

1 June 2012: Line-up announced (Broadway World)

31 May 2012:  BBC’s Fringe comedy Marathon (Chortle)

31 May 2012: Quality or Quantity ? (The Scotsman)

31 June 2012: Who’s coming in 2012? (STV)

31 June 2012: Line-up revealed (The Guardian)

31 May 2012: Fringe grows, despite Olympics (Chortle)

31 May 2012: Comedy increases its hold on the Fringe (The Stage)

31 May 2012: Fringe Announces Line-up (New York Times)

31 May 2012: Programme launched (What’s On Stage)

30 May 2012: Sneak Peek (Chortle)

27 May 2012: Taking a school show to the Fringe (The Independent)

22 May 2012: Highlights from the Fringe Programme (The List)

2May 2012: Promoter wants Assembly Rooms rebranded (Scotsman)

2 May 2012: C Venues to take over India Buildings (The Stage)

May 2012: Edinburgh rivals fight over name (BBC News)

1 May 2012: Revamped Assembly Rooms to reopen with a ceilidh (BBC News)

28 April 2012: New Look Assembly Room Gathers Scotland’s Finest (Scotsman)

28 April 2012: Assembly Boss sure of Centre Stage (Edinburgh Evening News)

27 April 2012: Assembly Rooms to open for Fringe (Broadway World) and BBC and The List

27 April 2012: Assembly Confusion? (Chortle)

27 April 2012: Refurbished Assembly Rooms (The Stage)