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Edinburgh Fringe Keyword Chaos

words, words, words …


We experimented with this at Amsterdam Fringe last year and got some positive feedback. The FringeReview team are collecting together short phrases from shows’ listings in the Fringe programme or their press releases.

All the shows below are recommended as worth seeing by FringeReview. All you have to go on is the phrase that leapt out at us. Which ones leap out at you? Scroll over the phrase and follow the link to reveal the show and, perhaps, follow that gut instinct and book a ticket…

We’ll be adding more each day.


Keyword Chaos

How it works: Click on a phrase to find a recommended show

“one young girl’s increasingly inventive efforts to grow the world’s most magnificent beard”

“truth in a modern insurgency can be a point of view rather than a fact.”

“They’ve learnt to ignore the strange things his nan says over dinner”

“Armageddon is imminent. And no one saw it coming.”

“Are you the 99% who cant break free from the scourge of apathy?”

“a sizzling hot score of original live music, macabre characters, soaring imaginings and thrilling twists and turns”

“from an English country garden to a quarry near Aberdeen; from a prison cell in Kent to a firing squad in France”

“Armageddon is imminent. And no one saw it coming”

“How one man was turned from suicidal loser to Champion of Comedy by the sage words of George Michael.”


More added each day. Takes your chances!

And we are crowdsourcing them too, tapping into the Intuition of the Crowd.

So tweet us your phrases and the link @fringereview #keywordchaos